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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Reliance Jio launched three Unlimited plans 

Reliance Jio  launched three new Unlimited plans called All in one plan. Recently, the company had announced the charge of 6 minutes per minute for calling on nonJio users in charge of IUC for which the company also

launched IUC Top Ups. But now the company has launched three new plans to make it easier. The data will be even more available and 1000 minutes of non-Geo calling can be done.

Reliance Jio launched three Unlimited plans

  1. At present, in India, the telecommunication sector is witnessing a riot, while Jio does not want to have any excuse for his side. With these services, it will be easy for people to remember the price with various services.
    The cost of this plan is kept at 222 (28 days), 333 (2 months) and 444 (3 months) respectively.
    Comparing this plan with Gio with other companies, if Jio has to spend 222 rupees for this 1 month plan, then other companies charge Rs 249 from the customer. However, for this two-month Jio plan, it costs Rs 333, from which the other companies charge Rs 500 from the customer.
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Compare Jio's current daily 2 GB plan with:
PackReliance Jio launched three Unlimited plans  of 2 GB data every 3-months
Now Rs. 448 instead of just Rs. 444 will cost
Offset IUC minutes with an extra 1000 minutes, for which separately costs around Rs. It will cost 80

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