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Thursday, 19 March 2020

Coronavirus Hackers are doing online fraud in the name of Corona Virus, Don't opening this 14 websites

The fear of the Corona Virus is increasing daily. The number of infected patients with COVID-19 in India has crossed 100 by March 15. Government and people in India are taking all necessary steps to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. However, many kinds of false and misleading information about Corona are also being reached among the people. It is worth mentioning that, the corona virus speed is also increasing with the SARS Cov-2 virus.

Although the government has assured that there is no need to frighten people, cybercriminals have also looked for opportunities to harass Internet users in this crisis. The number of scams, phishing websites and spam messages linked to the Corona virus is on the rise. According to the report of a cyber security firm called Recorded Future, there are several domains registered on the Internet with corona virus. Which is providing the fak information associated with this virus.

 Also open this 14 website without forgetting you

 Coronavirusstatus [dot] space

 This website is very dangerous. Don't go to this website called Coronavirusstatus [dot] space. Many of the scammers present on the Internet World are taking advantage of the fear of the Corona virus and many phishing scams have emerged.

 Coronavirus-map [dot] com

 This website also contains false information associated with Corona. Millions of users around the world have been receiving faked emails linked to the Corona virus Covid-19 for the past few weeks.

 Blogcoronacl.canalcero [dot] digital

 This website contains misleading information linked to the corona virus. So it is advisable not to open this website. It is worth mentioning that, the firm QiAnXin says that groups of Russians can attach Sandworm and FancyBear Mailisch documents to phishing emails to Internet users

Coronavirus [dot] zone

 It is economical not to open this website called Coronavirus [dot] zone. Cybercriminals are trying to make people their own victims.

 Coronavirus-realtime [dot] com

 There is also misinformation about Corona on this dangerous website. In the world of digital aids, Chrome browser extensions can make you a victim of malicious attack.

 Coronavirus [dot] app

 Every possible step is being taken to prevent corona virus worldwide. It will be beneficial for you not to open this web site created by cybercriminals in an attempt to spread false information online.

 Bgvfr.coronavirusaware [dot] xyz

 The name of the website is wrong. At the time of this disaster of the Corona virus it is imperative that you understand the difference between Fake and Original.

 Coronavirusaware [dot] xyz

 The website, which claims to be alerted to the Corona virus, is also a fraud.

 Corona-virus [dot] healthcare

 Stay away from this website called Corona Virus Health Care. This website is fraudulent and giving false information.

 Survivecoronavirus [dot] org

 Avoid this Melissa website and don't click on its URL.

 Vaccine-coronavirus [dot] com

 The website, named after the Corona virus vaccine, is also a fraud.

 Coronavirus [dot] cc

 This website, named after the Corona virus, is giving people deceptive information online. So it is good that you do not open this website.

 Bestcoronavirusprotect [dot] tk

 This website is a fraud called Best Corona Virus Protect. Avoid misinformation and don't go to any website without checking.

 coronavirusupdate [dot] tk

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