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Sunday 29 March 2020

coronavirus latest updates 29/03/2020 Gujarat

How to protect yourself?

Washing hands often is the best solution.

Wash hands regularly with regular soap and water.

Corona virus infection spreads when a person infected with the virus coughs and floats small drops containing the virus in the air.

If the droplet enters the breathing room of the person around, or touches the place where the small droplets fall or the droplets come into contact with your eyes, nose or mouth.

Tissue paper or handkerchief lying horizontally when coughing sneezes.

Do not touch the face with dirty hands. Staying away from an infected person can limit the transmission of corona virus.

Medical experts say face-masks do not effectively protect.

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What are the Symptoms of Corona Vice?

The corona virus has an effect on the lungs. It starts with a fever and a dry cough that also causes breathing difficulties.

Scientists say it takes an average of five days for the virus to show symptoms.

The person who has a coronary infection is most likely to spread the infection within these five days.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it can take up to 14 days for the virus to enter the body and appear.

However, according to some experts, it can take up to 24 days.

However, experts also say that the person is likely to spread the infection even before he becomes ill.

It may also be possible to understand the onset of fever and cold caused by the changing season.


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