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Monday 16 March 2020

coronavirus school college Coronavirus: Now, Gujarat shuts down schools, colleges and malls

Corona virus that has become epidemic has rained all over the world. The World Health Organization has declared a novel corona virus epidemic. Many people have died from this epidemic and many people have been involved in the virus. In the midst of this fear, news is coming for people to take the Corona virus.

The possibility of sending vaccine supplies to all infected countries

Amid the horrors of the Corona virus, Israel claims it has discovered a vaccine to cure the Corona virus. That's not to say that the vaccine is likely to be shipped to all infected countries. It is being said that scientists from the Israel Institute for Biological Research have eradicated this deadly disease. Scientists at the institute have claimed that the core virus vaccine has been developed and will soon receive official recognition.

50 experienced scientists got involved in the virus vaccine work

Israel's Defense Minister Nefatali Bennett says, "Our scientists have discovered the nature of the virus by searching over the Corea virus. At the same time, we have been able to identify these by studying the biological mechanisms of the corona virus. ” The Israeli Ministry of Defense told the local news paper Hertz that developing the corona virus antagonist took time but that its use could soon lead to success. He says 50 experienced scientists have been involved in the work of making the virus vaccine.

"Corona virus detection or test kits will be done according to a systematic action plan," he says. "The corona virus development process requires a series of tests and experiments to help the vaccine be affected and protected," said a report.



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