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Monday, 23 March 2020

what is coronavirus know its causes symptoms and treatment

The coronavirus, which originated with China, has become a worldwide boon. However, the surprising and good news is that China has successfully overcome the coronavirus, which originated from Wuhan city and was the most controversial in China, more than anywhere else in the world. China claims that if other countries adopt China's way, they too will curb the coronavirus. So let's know what China did to get this much control over the coronavirus.

China has made a strong break on a new virus case after about six cases
China has been trying for the last six months
In this outbreak, which began on December 3, China for the first time announced on March 3 and 8 that no local coronavirus cases have been reported in China.

There have also been no new cases of corona virus reported in Hubei Province and Wuhan City.

It is worth noting that until last month, thousands of new cases were registered daily in Wuhan and throughout China. This control is KABELIATARIF. China has made a strong break on the new virus case after about three cases.

Such protective measures are now urgently needed in Europe, where more than 3 people in Italy are infected with coronas, of which more than 3 people have died. France, Spain, Germany, USA and other countries are also increasing this number. It is noteworthy that out of the nearly 3 cases in China, only 2 have died and 3 more have died of coronavirus. Thus, it is certain that China has come out of this epidemic a lot.

According to February data, there were only 2 coronavirus-positive cases in the world, of which 3 were from China while only 2 were from outside China, where the situation has worsened.
China immediately began implementing a lockdown to curb these large numbers.

As shown in the graph due to this lockdown and quarantine, China has brought the statistics under control, and other countries of the world could not understand the seriousness and how can the graph be raised in countries other than China.

It should be noted that this is not an overnight job. China has been trying this for the past six months.

All the states that appear in red in the picture given to China were locked down in all the provinces. It is worth mentioning that this is the most populated area in China.  

There was a brief break from travel and transportation and business over here.
 Where the virus originated, on January 7 in Wuhan, all public transport and air travel were closed and the city with a population of 8 million was locked down.
 It is to be noted that many countries have opposed this move in regard to human rights violations, when in fact it is proving that lock-down is necessary to control the situation.

 The rules of the situation are relaxed
 As an official, a few lock-downs of China have allowed citizens to get out a little bit.  Unless there is a new case for two consecutive weeks, this lock down will only be removed.

 Thus, China has quarantined the disease with the help of quarantine and lock down.  Lock down orders issued by the government in India are very important.  If this lock-down is followed, then we will overcome this virus like China.

How to protect yourself?

 Washing hands often is the best solution.

 Wash hands regularly with regular soap and water.

 Corona virus infection spreads when a person infected with the virus coughs and floats small drops containing the virus in the air.

 If the droplet enters the breathing room of the person around, or touches the place where the small droplets fall or the droplets come into contact with your eyes, nose or mouth.

 Tissue paper or handkerchief lying horizontally when cough sneezes.

 Do not touch the face with dirty hands.  Staying away from an infected person can limit the transmission of corona virus.

 Medical experts say face masks do not provide effective protection.

 The corona virus has an effect on the lungs.  It starts with a fever and a dry cough that also causes breathing difficulties.

 Scientists say it takes an average of five days for the virus to show symptoms.

 The person who has a coronary infection is most likely to spread the infection within these five days.

 However, experts also say that the person is likely to spread the infection even before he becomes ill.

 It may also be possible to understand the onset of fever and cold caused by the changing season.

 Symptoms of Corona Virus

 The earliest symptoms of the carotid virus are extremely common.  But even though this virus can be fatal, it is difficult to breathe if we look at its important symptoms.  Sore throat, cold, cough fever.  Fever takes the form of rising pneumonia.  All the kidney problems are aggravated.  The condition of the patient becomes more serious after the lungs are transmitted.  This is revealed in the genetic coatings analysis of the new virus.  Corona virus and SARS virus have been compared to other viruses transmitting infections.

 What steps should be taken to prevent exposure to corona virus?

 The ever-increasing cases and deaths of the Corona virus have caused fear among the people.  Let's take a look at the World Health Organization tips to prevent this virus.  The hands should be washed with soap and water.  The handkerchief must be placed on the mouth while coughing or sneezing.  Contact with individuals who are exposed to colds or flu symptoms should be avoided.  Consume seafood but look to avoid it now


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