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Friday, 17 April 2020

Gujarat Coronavirus Latest Press release : Today Live Updates

Scientists in the United States have discovered a chemical that blocks the spread of Coronavirus with the help of a supercomputer.

It is hoped that in the days to come, Coronavirus, who has become the second death catastrophe in the world, could have great success and could be vaccinated.

IBM, the world's fastest computer in the United States, has discovered 77 drug chemicals that are able to prevent people from suffering from Coronavirus. Researchers analyzed a pair of 8000 elemental tests that would help to construct the organism of Covid 19, the Coronavirus.

This will prevent the virus from spreading to the cells of the human body.

Corona roared around the world

So far in Italy, Coronavirus infection has caused the highest number of deaths in Italy. The death toll from Coronavirus in Italy on March 19 has surpassed that of China, where the outbreak began to spread in December.

3405 people have died in Italy. Coronavirus began to spread here on February 21. So far in Korea, 3245 deaths have been infected with corona virus infection.

In Italy, on Wednesday, there were 475 deaths in a single day, the highest number of deaths in a single day in any country worldwide.

179 countries have been hit by the Corona virus since Friday morning. So far 10,035 people have died. As many as 2,44,979 people have been reported to have infected.

Current conditions in Iran are worsening due to the Corona virus. The current situation in Iran is so severe that one person is dying every ten minutes due to corona.

Iran Health Ministry spokesman Kiyush Jahanpur said in a tweet that 50 people had been infected in an hour. In Iran, 149 people were killed in a single day and more than 1,000 fresh cases of infection were reported.

In the 15 trucks in Lombardy, Italy, 97 bodies were taken to the hospital together, and everyone's eyes were wet. Originally, there was no room for burial in Bergamo's cemetery. So the bodies were sent out of hospitals to Bergamo province.

The city is also full of burials. There are 24 corpses coming to the cemetery daily so it was decided to send the bodies to the nearby provinces. 50 soldiers joined in the work. Hundreds of people are being killed every day, said Marco Bergamelli, pastor of the Church of All Saints in Bergamo province. We don't know where to bury them?

University researchers argue that the virus spread through cities and villages. He says that youths working and socializing in cities and villages may have gone to crowded places and from there the Corona virus would have been brought home.

It may have infected the elderly in the household. If they do not have any symptoms, you may not even know that the infection is spreading to the elderly in their home. The elderly population is at the earliest sign of Coronavirus infection.

This is because their respiratory system is weak and the virus has the most effect. Children have more resistance to coronavirus. Researchers who are doing research on it say that it is because the lungs of children are not harmed.

With the first breathing, the polluted air in our lungs begins to reach and gradually worsen. So children's lungs fight more strongly with the new virus.

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Genome sequence of coronavirus decoded : GBRC RESEARCH BIG UPDATES COVID-19

The biggest and relieving news about Corona is coming up against Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center, a success that no one has ever found in the world, Gujarat Biotechnology Center has discovered the genus of Corona, genome sequence.

The good news is that this genealogy has been invented by Gujarat for the first time so this can be called the biggest news when most countries in the world have been in the grip of Corona. With this lineage formula it will be easy to find all things like corona virus drug, vaccine, side effects etc.

In the world, Corona has been shouted as the world's top scientists are searching for Corona medicine and vaccine.

It is a matter of pride for the Gujarati people that corona care is still in Gujarat. Based on the important information of this genus, it will be easy for Corona medicine and vaccines to be prepared.

Generally, the nature, nature and structure of man, animal, and plant are determined by its DNA.

While many top scientists from around the world have shown futility in getting information about this virus for a long time, this discovery made by Gujarat Biotechnology Research is sure to bless the entire human life. News of this relief has officially surfaced from the CM office.

The official information of this news has been posted on Gujarat CM's official Twitter page.

The important thing is that even big countries like America have been scratching their head when this can be called a great success for India and India in particular.

While the nature of the virus is known based on the acid contained in the RNA, its nature and activity are not only known, but also the severity of the attack in the body.

Director, Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center. Chaitanya Joshi said that the World Health Organization declared Corona as an epidemic on March 7. The highest number of cases of coronas were reported in Wuhan, China, in the world, followed by coronary drug testing and vaccine testing in China.

In addition, tests have been conducted in six laboratories in the world so far, in which it has been reported that six types of mutations have been observed in the corona virus over time.

After the virus starts to spread, it mutates so that it cannot be killed easily.

There have been nine alterations in the coronavirus structure that have been proved by scientists in Gujarat. Corona virus is also being analyzed at the National Institute of Biology, Pune.

The Gene Corps of Corona Virus has been discovered at Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center. This type of analysis has not been performed in a single laboratory in India.

This kind of special research has been done in India, which is a unique achievement.

The corona virus infiltrates from one human to another very quickly

With such research, it is possible to estimate the type of corona virus entering the body and how it attacks other organs, including the lungs.


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Thursday, 16 April 2020

MODI GOVERNMENT decisions Tambaku Gutkha And other products

MODI GOVERNMENT decisions Tambaku Gutkha And other products 

The Union Home Ministry on Wednesday issued a guideline regarding lock-in exemption in low-risk areas following the situation in Lockdown Part Two. The concession will apply to Corona Free Areas starting April 20.

With regard to the harvest and the new sowing season in the coming days, agricultural work has been specially exempted. However, social distance standards will be strictly adhered to during this period. Construction activities are also limited with conditions.

These activities will be discounted during Lockdown 2. Along with this, efforts have been made to address everyday problems with regard to locking in areas free of corona.

The agricultural and livestock industry will be allowed to do all the activities related to farming, farmers and farm laborers will be allowed to work on the harvest. - Agricultural equipment shops, their repair and spare parts shops will be open - production and distribution activities of fertilizers, seeds, pesticides will continue, Their shops will be open

- There will be no restriction on movement of machine cutting from one state to another.

These shops will be exempt - grocery stores, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, cereals, dairy, ration shops and milk booths, fodder shops for animal husbandry. - Print and electronic media are also exempt from DTH and cable service. It is allowed to work with capacities of 50% of the employees of IT companies

Not in areas known as at-risk areas) - Activities of e-commerce companies, their operators' vehicles will have to be cleared, government centers will also have to call for work-exemption - Government-employed data and call center services-private security services clearance allow for the transport of these goods. Freedom to load / unload / unload cargo - petroleum and LPG products , Allowed transportation of essential commodities such as food avase will be releasing all the trucks and the goods / carrier vehicles,

2 drivers and one assistant are allowed in one truck - this time the truck repair shop has also been exempted,

The highways will also be open so that the truck drivers will not have any problem. - Railway freight remains intact -

Supply Chain Permission for all required goods

MODI GOVERNMENT decisions Tambaku Gutkha And other products

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Best Good Creative Application for Children : Creativity app

Good Creative Application for Children : Creativity app

Innovation: Kids love learning new things every day. Their focus may be more stable in new things. One thing gets boring. If one is allowed to write one clock five times, the child may get bored.

Often a paragraph or lesson for a good letter is written two or three times carefully, but the second or third time text will be very flawed, messy.

This kind of process makes children feel bored and does not achieve a certain goal.
If children are taught with new stories, new tools, new experiments, new methods, the focus may be more,

So the teacher has to update his knowledge. One should strive to innovate in the process of education through self-understanding.

Mobility: The baby is very agile. It can't sit still, really, mobility is a child's progress, so even educational devices are more dynamic, if mechanical, more attentive. The work of education is made effective through drama, film.

If the teacher is sitting on a chair in the classroom or standing in one place, if he is doing his work, then the process of teaching can lead to depression.

If the teacher sits with the children and the learning process becomes more concentrated and the living environment is created in the classroom.

Activation: Children are active by nature. He does something by doing some activity. Like sabotaging, doing something new. He likes to hear something new, see something new, and do something new for himself.

Children are playful, so they enjoy heavenly pleasures in the game. Being a creative instinct focuses on activities such as pottery, painting, painting, printing etc., together with fun, children engage in activities.

Quantitative: Children love anything bigger than small. Therefore, if the educational resources are relatively large, then they attract more attention. The ball, the pictures, the large whatever and the text on the blackboard are more focused if the letter is longer.

Asymmetry: If the long ones have sting, the black has the white, the thin have the thick, then the attention is immediately drawn.

The paradox of two historical events or the biographies of historical characters can be very effective, interesting, and memorable in a comparative way.

Importance of attention in the educational process:

Brings stability of mind. Only imagination increases. Only memory is nourished. With meditation, action becomes better and faster. The only action that develops the mind is meditation.

Attention in a person increases efficiency and dexterity. Jaya meditation also calms some emotions and tendencies.

Good Creative Application for Children : Creativity app

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Lockdown 2.0 New Guidelines Must Read

The Home Ministry has issued a guideline for Lockdown Part-2.

According to the guideline, no one is allowed to operate a plane, metro or bus.

Only those who have been relieved in advance will be released. In addition, relief has been provided for agricultural activities.

Along with this, Corona Warriors have been relieved for transport in trains and buses.

The guideline, sent from the Home Ministry to the Chief Secretary and Administrative Officers, states that clearance for works connected with agriculture will be allowed. Work will be started under MGNREGA.

The ban on industrial practices will remain unchanged. In addition, the mask must be worn in public places.

Hotspot areas in the country will not be relieved and conditional relief may be provided in non-corona districts

Will it be closed?

1: Restrictions on bus, metro, air, train travel

2: Auto rickshaw, bicycle rickshaw, taxi and cab service will be closed

3: School, college, coaching center closed
All types of commercial and industrial activities are closed except for approval

The mask on the mouth is mandatory at exit

4: Penalties for spitting in public
Cinema, mall, shopping complex, gym, playground, swimming pool fully closed until May 3

5: Rock on the state and district boundaries

6: Social, political, religious, religious place, prayer place closed until May 3

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Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Bhavnagar Staff Nurse, Medical Officer And Other Posts 2020

District Panchayat, Bhavnagar has published advertisement for the following posts.

Following are the details of age limit, educational qualification, selection process, application fee and how to apply.

District Collector Office, Bhavnagar published an official notification for the recruitment of specialist, medical officer, staff nurse posts.

Eligible candidates can apply for this recruitment.

You can see more details about this recruitment including number of posts, post name, educational qualification, age limit, selection process, how to apply etc.

You can also see official notification and other important facts about this recruitment e.g. Important links and important dates.

Total Posts: 51

Specialist (Physician / Pulmonologist): 02 Posts

Specialist (Anesthetist): 01 Post

Specialist (On Call)
Medical Officer: 76 Posts

Staff Nurse: 48 Posts

Educational Qualification
Various Medical Degree (see details in official advertisement)

Selection Process
Final Selection will be based on personal interview.

How to Apply
Interested and Eligible Candidates need to remain present at below mentioned address for personal interview.

Staff Nurse, Medical Officer & Other Posts 2020:
Health Branch, District Panchayat, Bhavnagar
Important Dates

Interview date
15/04/2020 (till 03:00 PM)
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Monday, 13 April 2020

PM Modi to address the nation on April 14th at 10 am : Coronavirus Lockdown

PM Narendra Modi will address the country tomorrow at 10:00 am on Tuesday, according to a new announcement.

This time the information was given by the PMO. Earlier, there was speculation that PM Modi would address the country today. Which is wrong. In his address, Payne Modi may make another announcement by taking a lockdown.

It is worth mentioning that the 21-day lockdown limit is coming to an end tomorrow, Tuesday. On the other hand, the number of coronary patients is also increasing in the country.

PM Modi has already discussed this with the states. In which many CMs have suggested to further the lockdown. There is also speculation that the lockdown may be extended for another 15 days.

While the lockdown limit is being met in the country on April 14 tomorrow, news is coming that PM Modi will address the country at 10am tomorrow. It is important then that the country can announce the key by extending lockdown in the country. Then, if the lockdown is prolonged, PM Modi can also do some important ads.

The 21-day lockdown is being completed tomorrow, with the PMO tweeting today that PM Modi will address the country at 10am tomorrow. It is likely that PM Modi may announce Lockdown 2.0.

It is believed that if the lockdown extends into the country, then the lockdown may be extended in the country with some concessions and conditions. PM Modi can also speak in his address on this issue. It may be recalled that PM Modi had a meeting with all the CMs of the states on April 11 through a video conference and had in-depth discussions on extending the lockdown. Some states have already extended the lockdown by April 30.

It is said that PM Modi could announce a lockdown tomorrow but could offer partial relief with the conditions. It is important that the Department of Industrial Promotion and Internal Affairs, in a letter to the Home Ministry, have suggested that some key sectors should be restarted with security. DPIIT said that in order to improve the economic activity and reach the people in the hands of the people, it is necessary to give some concessions in this sector.

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Gujarat School College Vacation declared 2020. 15 April To 16 May

Summer Vacation announced from April 15 to May 16 University, School And colleges of Gujarat

There is currently a lockdown in the state against Corona's Jung. Nevertheless, the number of cases of corona virus in the state is steadily increasing. Now there is information that this lockdown could go ahead.

However, no official announcement has been made at this time. But in the meantime CMO Secretary Ashwini Kumar has given a news conference to give the Guardians of Gujarat news of relief.

He said that the leaders of the school governing body have met with Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

Relieving the guardians of Gujarat amid the lockdown, Ashwini Kumar said that no school could increase fees in the next academic year.

Apart from this, he said that the parents would not be forced to pay the 3-month lockdown fee. He said that guardians who are not in good economic condition will also be relieved.

Besides, Ashwini Kumar said that the fee for March-May will be deposited from June to November. Between lockdowns, parents are now given a 6 month deadline for March, April and May fees.

The CMO secretary said the fee would be paid monthly instead of quarterly. Parents will not be forced to pay a 3 month fee by school administrators.

In addition, he announced a vacation in all the universities and colleges from April 15 to May 16 and said that the examinations will be conducted according to the UGC guideline after May 17. From April 16, 10-12 papers will be evaluated.

According to the decision taken after the internal meeting and discussion by the education department of the state government, all the universities and colleges in the state will have a summer vacation from April 15 to May 16.

However, the government has not announced that any decision has yet been taken on the examination of university colleges. The government has left the decision of the examinations to UGC without specifying the issue.

Following the lockdown, this year there has been a major change in the academic calendar at universities and colleges in the state.

Semester exams are to be held mostly in March and April every year and new academic semester starts from June 12 or 15 after the results are declared in May and summer vacation is given till June 16 this year while summer vacation is given in universities and colleges till May 16. Is.

It is likely to take the last semester exams of UG and PG from universities and colleges after May 20.

But no decision has yet been taken on this issue and the central government has earlier announced that the university, colleges and schools will be closed until June.

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VERY EASY AND FAST : How to Recover Deleted Photos Videos from MEMORY CARD PHONE STORAGE Free

VERY EASY AND FAST : How to Recover Deleted Photos Videos from Memory Card Free

How to Recover a Deleted Photo from an SD Card 100% Free

When it comes to storing all your important files, like photos or videos, it seems like you never have enough space on your devices.

For digital photographers, SD cards are an indispensable tool of the trade.

When you're using phones or tablets, microSD cards are best for expanding storage.

However, you can lose your valuable photos / videos on SD cards in some of the following situations:

Mistakenly deleted pictures or videos from SD cards.

Cards may occasionally crash or stop working due to a virus attack or user error.

Accidentally formatted SD cards with no backup of the data.

As with all digital storage media, there is a possibility that at some point you will need to retrieve photos from the SD card using a digital camera, phone or other camera equipped with a camera.

You may need to recover an SD card photo, due to accidentally deleted photos or a simple error click.

Sometimes we delete some photos to keep space on our smartphones. Some of the required photos are deleted by mistake, which we also regret. If any of the required photos have been deleted by you inadvertently, you can get them back.

 An application called Disk Digger helps you recover deleted photos and videos. Use this app to retrieve your deleted photos or videos.

 Once this app is installed it will ask you to do a photo scan. For this you will get the option of Start Basic Scan. After clicking on this option it will ask you to access photos, media and files. This will pop up two options on your screen. In Allow and Deny Day you have to click on Allow.

 After doing so, all your photos will begin to be scanned and exposed to you. Once this app completes a scan, it will give you full information of the scanned file. Then select the file or photo you want to retrieve and click on the box above it. That way you can bring back deleted photos and videos. Speak now happy!

Your SD card may be inadvertently formatted or corrupted, making it impossible to access your photos.

If these photos are important to you, then these situations can be stressful.

An SD card brings convenience, but it also easily comes with data loss problems through the smallest operation you're doing.

Losing photos from the SD card is one of the top issues for most Android phones and camera users. Usually, you lose pictures in the following cases.

SD cards are commonly used on Android phones, DSLRs, digital cameras and other devices to save photos. But often you have a tendency to snap photos of SD card in a hurry, which later becomes a mistake.

Easy Way to Restore Deleted Photos/Videos from SD Card with Freeware

follow Step 1: Connect the SD Card to Computer. Remove the SD card from your camera/phones and insert it into your laptop's card reader

follow Step 2: Select & Scan the SD Card for Lost Pictures/Videos.

follow Step 3:
Preview and Retrieve Deleted Photos/Videos from SD Card.

   DiskDigger apps.  FEATURES:

– Two scan modes: quick scan and deep scan.
– Scan all storage including SD Card & internal storage.
– Fast, Performance.
– Support all types: jpg,jpeg, png.
– No ROOT.
– Upload your recovered files y to Google Drive, or Dropbox, or send them via email.
Save the files to a different local folder on your device.

Delete the Photo Recover app

Diskdigger App Download Link::::

Download Application: Click Here

Diskdigger App Download Link::::

Download Application: Click Here
DiskDigger Pro (for rooted devices!) can undelete and recover lost photos, documents, videos, music, and more from your memory card or internal memory (see supported file types below). Whether you accidentally deleted a file, or even reformatted your memory card, DiskDigger's powerful data recovery features can find your lost files and let you restore them.

Note: if your device is not rooted, the app can only perform a "limited" scan for for deleted photos. To be able to search for other types of files, and to search your device's entire internal memory, the device needs to be rooted. On a non-rooted device, the app can only recover lower-resolution versions of your photos that it finds in your device's cache and thumbnail directories.

After the scan is complete, tap the "Clean up" button to permanently delete any items that you no longer need (currently an experimental feature, available only in the Basic Scan).

You can also use the "Wipe free space" option to erase the remaining free space on your device, so that any deleted files can no longer be recoverable.

For complete instructions, please see

You can upload your recovered files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them via email. The app also allows you to upload the files to an FTP server, or save them to a different local folder on your device.
  • Photo Recover Apps.
  • How to Recover Deleted photo
  • Undelet Photo for Mobile
  • Photo Recover trick
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Rajasthan Home Guard Online Form 2020 – Postponed Online apply for Various 2500 post

Rajasthan Homeguard Employment 2020 Rajasthan Police Homeguard Employment 2020 

Rajasthan Homeguard Department Reclamation 2020
Notice: Rajasthan Homeguard Employment News 2020 Rajasthan Homeguard Post 2020 
Rajasthan HomeGuard Department has canceled operation for 2500 HomeGuard posts due to the outbreak of Covid 19.
The online operation submission process will be started shortly. campaigners can check further details below. 
Rajasthan HomeGuard Employment 2020 2500 HomeGuard Vacancy for Application line Application!! Rajasthan Police have blazoned its new job announcement for retaining campaigners on HomeGuard's post. 

There are 2500 vacuities that are presently needed to be filled by the officers. They want interested campaigners to apply for the job. 
For this reason, they're inviting operations from the campaigners through operations from Rajasthan HomeGuard announcement. 

All interested campaigners can start applying online from 07th April 2020. campaigners can find the following details. 
The last date to register for Rajasthan Homeguard Employment is 06 May 2020. Use this occasion to start applying beforehand. 

Category Wise post Details-:

General – 905 Posts 
EWS – 144 Posts 

OBC – 514 Posts 
MBC – 121 Posts 

SC – 418 Posts 
ST – 304 Posts 

Application Fee:
 For General and OBC Category campaignersRs. 200/-only Rs 

 For SC ST/ EWS/ MBC campaignersRs. 175/- 
 Educational Qualifications for Homeguard: 

 Completed 8th standard or original from a honored board or association. 

Age Limit:
Minimum age - 18 years
Maximum age - 35 years

Please mention to the Rajasthan HomeGuard Employment ial formal notice below:

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Sunday, 12 April 2020

Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana : PMUJ beneficiaries to get 3 free cylinders till June

Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana : PMUJ beneficiaries to get 3 free cylinders till June

In order to provide relief to the common man from the lockdown of the country due to corona, the Finance Minister has announced to provide free LPG cooking gas cylinder for three months under the Prime Minister's Ujjwala scheme, which will benefit 8 crore women.  The Finance Minister said that under the celebrated scheme, 8 crore BPL families will get free cylinder for three months.  This will benefit 40 million families in the country.  Let you know that the gas connection is provided to the customers under the celebrated scheme.  Customers who join the Joko scheme from August 1, 2019 will benefit.  Oil companies have decided to avoid the EMI recovery plan by July 2020.

 Know what the plan is?

 Under the celebrated scheme, customers get a stove and an LPG cylinder.  Its total cost is Rs 3,200.  The government provides subsidy of Rs 1,600.  There, the remaining Rs 1,600 is provided by the oil companies as loans to consumers.  Customers have to pay it in the form of EMI.  Customers who purchase a 14.2 kg cylinder will have to provide no EMI on the first 6 refills.  The 7th refill will start with EMI.  Similarly, if you buy a 5 kg LPG cylinder, you will not have to pay EMI on the initial 17 refills.  You will receive the full amount of subsidy.

 According to the 2011 census in the PMUY, families who fall into the BPL category can benefit from PMUY.  It aims to provide free LPG connections to a total of 8 crore BPL families under PMUY.

 What documents are required for the PMUY?

 BPL card authorized by Panchayat Officer or Municipal Corporation Chairman

 BPL ration card

 Photo ID (Aadhar Card, Water ID)

 Passport size photo

 Copy of ration card

 True copy made by gazetted officer

 LIC policy, bank statement

 Print out the name in the BPL list

 Other essential things for PMUY

 Applicant's name should be in SECC-2011 figures.

 Applicant must be a woman above 18 years of age
 Women must belong to the BPL family

 It is essential to have a savings account of a woman in a national bank.

 The applicant's house should have no LPG connection before anyone's name.

 Applicant should have BPL card and BPL ration card.

 Following the lock-down, it has been decided to provide free gas cylinders for three months to the customers of Ujjwala Scheme, which is becoming a whisper to poor families.

 In case of lockdown, the oil company has arranged for gas cylinder to be available.  So that customers do not have to use panic booking.

 Following the current Corona virus situation, it would be more convenient for customers to make digital payments instead of cash.  In addition, as per the government's announcement to provide free gas cylinders to the beneficiaries of the celebrated scheme for three months, from April 1 to June 30, 2020, the subscribers of the celebrated scheme will get 3.2 kg of cylinders.

 There is also enough stock available for the company.  The beneficiary will be informed on his registered mobile after depositing the funds in the beneficiary's account and after that he will have to book the refill.  The beneficiary will receive only one month cylinder and another refill can be booked only 15 days after receipt of refill.  So that customers are requested to cooperate.

 In addition, if any employee associated with his service by Indian Oil Company dies due to coronet, his family will be given Rs.5 lakh assistance.

Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana : PMUJ beneficiaries to get 3 free cylinders till June

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APL-1 card holders to get ration from April 13 Free ration distribution to 60 lakh APL-1 card holder families

APL-1 card holders to get ration from April 13  Free ration distribution to 60 lakh APL-1 card holder families 

Distribution of ration duty ration in the month of April will be available at 17,000 Government Rental Prices shops across Gujarat, benefiting 60 lakh APL-1 card holder families, which will take place during April 13-17. About 2.5 to 3 crore people will benefit from a free supply of 10 kg wheat, 3 kg rice, 1 kg lentils, 1 kg sugar and 1 kg salt. This information was shared through official communication by the state government.

The Gujarat government on Wednesday said that during the ongoing lockdown it will provide free ration to about 60 lakh families above the poverty line (APL) of the state, which is not covered under the National Food Security Act. Each APL-1 card holder family will be eligible for 10 kg of wheat, three kg of rice, one kg of pulses and one kg of sugar free of cost.

The government has also distributed free ration to around 65 lakh families having priority ration card or Antyodaya ration card.

The Cabinet has decided to provide free ration to over 1 lakh families to ration of APL-1 card holders. They will get 5 kg wheat, three kg rice, one kg pulses, one kilogram sugar free of cost per family. The total number of such beneficiaries is 2.5 billion crore crore. That's it, "Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said after the meeting.

The state government has decided to distribute food grains free of cost to 60 million APL-1 cardholders across the state, ie 30 million middle class. The distribution of these grains will be from next 13th April at 17 thousand government-approved cheap grain shops.

Ashwini Kumar said that for distribution of cereal distribution system smoothly, the days of distribution of ration card have been fixed for five days ie April 13 to April 17 according to the number of ration card numbers. One committee will be set up per shop

A committee will be set up at the village and urban level to ensure easy distribution of foodgrains in the state. The committee will include teachers, Talati or village volunteers, police and local leaders.

The APL-1 card holders will also have to carry Aadhaar card with their own card and the CM has also directed the Food Citizens Supply Department that the government should maintain a register of approved cheap grain shop holders distribution system.

Distribution of cereals according to numerical numbers to APL-1 ration card holders

The last digit numbers 1 and 2 of the card for APL-1 ration card holders that are not included in the NFSA are registered. Cardholders having the last digits on April 13, 3 and 4 have the ration card holder having the last digit of April 14, 5 and 6 on April 15, and the holder of the last digit of 7 and 8, the ration card holder with April 16 and 9 and 0 last digits. Delivery will be free of charge.
 The beneficiary - who can not get the grain on that day - will get it on April 18

The Secretary to the Chief Minister categorically stated that APL-1 card holders are required to attend the ration card as per the latest data on the same date and day they are required to go to the cheap cereal shop to procure food grains.

He also added that due to the unforeseen circumstances, if any APL-1 card holder cannot avail the benefit of grain distribution during these five days, such beneficiaries should be compensated. Grain distribution will be done on April 18 -2020. So that if any beneficiary cannot get grain on that day then do not go to the shop the next day. The 18th will have to get its own grain.

APL-1 card holders to get ration from April 13  Free ration distribution to 60 lakh APL-1 card holder families 

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Saturday, 11 April 2020

Gujarat educational department : STD 3 to 9 3rd Week Study material

Gujarat educational department : STD 3 to 9 3rd Week Study material 

CBSE schools in Bharuch district have kicked off a new semester with the launch of online education amidst a corona lockdown.

From nursery to standard 1 and grade 4 classes have been implemented on online laptops, including smartphones. Six CBSE schools in the district are rolling out the syllabus on a daily basis in the WhatsApp group created by the class.

Following the lockdown amidst the corona epidemic, the Gujarat State Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board has also announced a mass promotion through CBSE. Annual exams were not conducted in several schools where the Corona epidemic began in March.

Meanwhile, with the issuance of a lockdown of 3 days, the promotion of Corona transition was decided by the various boards. The online classes of Class I have already been started by some schools.

Now a new semester has also been started with online classes ranging from nursery to standard 1 through CBSE 3 schools in Bharuch district.

Students are also provided homework and tasks in the WhatsApp group created according to their class, along with a class teacher and other teachers from different disciplines, who are sent daily.

Along with running an online course on the WhatsApp app, students are also being asked questions to answer.

Gujarat educational department : STD 3 to 9 3rd Week Study material 
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GMERS Vadodara Gotri 175 Specialist, Medical Officer And Staff Nurse Recruitment 2020

GMERS Vadodara Gotri 175 Specialist, Medical Officer And Staff Nurse post

GMERS Hospital Gotri (Vadodara) has published an advertisement for the following posts.

Gujarat Medical Education and Research Society - GMERS, Hospital, Vadodara has published official notification for the recruitment of specialist medical officer and staff nurse for 175 posts.

Eligible candidates can apply for this recruitment.

You can see more details about this recruitment including number of posts, post name, educational qualification, age limit, selection process, how to apply etc.

You can also see official notification and other important facts about this recruitment e.g. Important links and important dates.


1: Specialist Pulmonologist : Physician- 10

2: Specialist Anesthetist- 05

3: Medical Officer (MBBS)- 60

4: Staff Nurse- 100

Educational Qualification :
Please read Official Notification for Educational Qualification details

How to Apply:
Eligible candidates may send their application and necessary documents to given address in the advertisement.
Email ID:

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GMERS Vadodara Gotri 175 Specialist, Medical Officer And Staff Nurse Recruitment 2020

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Team India Players Education Qualification : Famous Indian Cricketers

Team India Players Education Qualification : Famous Indian Cricketers 

The Indian cricket team's players would like to clap their hands when they are playing on the field, but when one looks at their studies, it is clear that they are doing well in class.  Some have studied up to 12th standard and only up to 9th standard.  Even so, sports and education is something that no one has mixed up with.

Cricket is a part of Indian life.  Wherever the British ruled, they played cricket like the English language.

Cricket is also played in the countryside from the big stadiums to the small villages.  India is the national sport of hockey but cricket is the most popular sport in the country.

It is like knowing the history of how cricket is played in India.  It is worth knowing before the game was developed in England as well.  The children of England's peasants used to play the game at Wiald, near London initially.

Some believe that the word cricket is derived not from the original English language but from the French word 'Crequet'.  The word 'Crequet' means 'club'.  However, others believe that the word cricket comes from the English language 'Crycc'.

It was the year that cricket came to India, many years after the start of the game in England.  The British brought cricket to India at the beginning of the year.  The first cricket match in the country was played in Kutch at Kutch.

Players should keep Natural and give them Freedom.  So that they can play freely and give them all the Opportunity.  Excessive coaching is also not good for the player.

Seeing how the player has his own abilities and how he can play himself should keep them natural.  Emerging players should focus on learning alongside cricket.



 12 PASS




Team India Players Education Qualification : Famous Indian Cricketers
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Friday, 10 April 2020

Zoom Popular App : Google bans employees from using this video chat app

Zoom Popular App : Google bans employees from using this video chat app

A 21-day lockdown has been announced across the country until April 14 due to the horror of the Corona virus.

Because of this, people are spending time with family at home.  In the meantime, people have become very active on social media.

Looking for different options to connect with each other.  In this case the Zoom App has become very popular among people.

According to media reports, Zoom app has become the most downloaded app in India.

Yes, in this case the Zoom App has also outplayed the popular social media app WhatsApp and TikTok among young people.

What is the Zoom App?
 We should point out that this app is a video conferencing app created by Silicon Valley based startup.

Up to 50 people can join at a time.  According to data, there is currently only Zoom app on which more than 10 people can be added at one time during a video conference.

This is the reason why this app has become popularized overnight among business professionals due to 'work from home'.  According to the report, the app has been downloaded by more than 100 million people till now and the number is still increasing.

The Chinese app is benefiting from a lockdown across the country to protect against the Corona virus.  Tik Tok has become the most downloaded app in the social media category during lockdown in India.

According to a report in the Economic Times, App Unlimited firm App Annie has said that the Chinese company ByteDance has the highest download in the Tik Tok app lockdown.  The download of this app is up 20% faster than January 2020, with more than 49 million downloads

Zoom Popular App : Google bans employees from using this video chat app





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Thursday, 9 April 2020

Gujarat Government to provide free ration to 60 lakh APL families

Gujarat Government to provide free ration to 60 lakh APL families

Gujarat government on Wednesday said that during the ongoing lockdown it will provide free ration to around 60 lakh Above Poverty Line (APL) families in the state that are not covered under the National Food Security Act.

 Each APL-1 card holder family will be eligible to get 10 kg wheat, three kg rice, one kg pulses and one kg sugar free of cost.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has decided to free the distribution of food grains for the month of April to the families of APL-1 cardholders in the state. 

As a result of this decision of the state government, more than 300 million middle class people of large number of APL ration card holders in rural and inland areas will now benefit from the corona epidemic.  The decision was taken at a video conferencing cabinet meeting of the state cabinet chaired by CM Rupani and Deputy CM Nitin Patel.

 In the case of lockdown of the current Corona virus Covid-19, Gujarat has made several decisions by taking initiatives in the states across the country with the exorbitant prices that are getting enough grain in the state. 

All 5 lakh APL-1 card holders of middle class households of APL-1 who did not get food grains under NFSA under the National Food Security Act are allowed in middle class to give families 5 kg wheat, 2 kg rice, 2 kg pulses and 5 kg sugar to the government. 

Cheap cereals will be provided free of charge from shops.  This will result in great relief to the middle class families as a result of this decision and will easily get grain in the current lockdown situation.

The Chief Minister added that the distribution of food grains has been done free of cost to the 4 lakh families of Antyodaya and PHHs in the state in April, followed by more than 1.5 lakh cardholders who received only sugar and salt under NFSA without giving wheat, rice and pulses free of cost.  Have made the decision.

 Not only that, the poorest in the state, the poor, the laborers and the workers of other province-states who do not have ration cards are also being distributed free of cost under the Annabhram scheme.  The state cabinet has decided to provide such grains to the middle class APL-1 card holders in the current situation free of cost.  Delivery dates will now be announced

Gujarat Government to provide free ration to 60 lakh APL families

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How to Check PM Kisan Status, Beneficiary List 2020 : Online Status

How to Check PM Kisan Status, Beneficiary List 2020 : Online Status

Amidst the state of lockdown across the state, the government (corona) was seen standing on the edge of the world's peasant farmers.  Under the Minister's Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, the assistance of Rs 2,000 has been paid in advance to the bank account of the farmers.  And more than 4 million farmers in the state have benefited from this.

More than 4 million farmer owners received this benefit

Under the scheme of the Minister, the total amount of Rs.800 crores has been made by the Central Government till now under the scheme.

A total of Rs 62,000 crore is being provided in the first installment of 2000 rupees relief to 4 crore 91 lakh farmer owners across the country.

So far, more than 4 million farmer landlords in Gujarat are facing the government's sensitivity in the current corona and lock-down situation.

So far, a total of Rs 800 crore has been deposited by the Central Government under the Minister Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana.

Under the Minister's Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, the Government of India provides a total of Rs 6000 for every farmer in the country in 3 installments during the year.

A total of Rs 62,000 crore is being provided for the first installment of Rs 2000 while providing relief to 4.91 crore farmer owners across the country in the current corona and lock-down situation.

How to Check PM Kisan Status, Beneficiary List 2020 : Online Status
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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Live Darshan Of Salangpur Hanumanji Temple : Kashtbhanjan Hanumanji Live Aarti

Live Darshan Of Salangpur Hanumanji Temple :  Kashtbhanjan Hanumanji Live Aarti

Hanuma jayti : Anjana to get rid of the curse worshipped Lord Shiva and urged him to be a part of her son.

Hanuma Jaynti: Thus, it is believed that Lord Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Hanuma Jaynti : DescriptionHanuman is the vanara god who wreaked havoc on evil king Ravana of Lanka. 

 Hanuma Jaynti : Hanuman Janmotsava is a Hindu religious festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Sri Hanuman, who is immensely venerated throughout India and Nepal.

Hanuman Jayanti : Today we are presenting some special pictures of the temple from the grandfather's decoration so that you can see the grandfather sitting at home.  Do grandfather's vision on this holy day today.

Today we are presenting some special pictures of the temple from the grandfather's decoration so that you can see the grandfather sitting at home.  Do grandfather's vision on this holy day today.

Today is Hanuman Jayanti, however, due to the lockdown announced in the country due to the coronavirus, there is no rush of normal years in the temples.

See, along with various Hanumanji temples, the grand decoration has also been made in the famous Hanuman Temple known as Kastabhanjan Deva of Salangpur.  The temple is empty due to lockdown but the grandstands have been decorated wonderfully.

See some special pictures of the decoration of God in this magnificent temple today.

The fruits of their worship soon come to pass.  Worshiping them and fasting can remove not only physical and mental distress, but also financial distress.

Live Darshan Of Salangpur Hanumanji Temple :  Kashtbhanjan Hanumanji Live Aarti

Hanumanji is immortal.  They are considered to be Rudravatar.  Hanumanji is worshiped in the form of Brahmachari.  That is why they have a ritual of worship from 4am to 9pm. Worship: - Wake up early in the morning and clean the house.

Purify the house with a sprinkling of bald or gumutra.  After that take a bath.  Install the idol of Sriram and Sitaji along with Hanumanji at the place of worship of the house.  Commit to fasting all day as a witness to God.

Then worship.  Worship Sriram and Mother Sita and then worship Hanumanji.  Water and goddesses from the panchamrita should be worshiped.  Then offer Abir, Gulal, Chandan, Rice, Molly, flower, incense, dress, fruit, leaf and other items.

General Chat Chat Lounge  Then recite Sunderkand or Hanuman Chalisa and offer Prasad after Aarti.

 Importance of Hanuman Jayanti fast and worship:

With Hanuman Jayanti fasting and performing puja, every kind of guilt and pain starts to go away.  In the Kali Yuga, Hanuman ji is worshiped as a direct deity. 
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Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Download Mparivahan APK Online

mParivahan App: Provides Transport Service access to citizens through a mobile-based application. This app empowers citizens with instant access to various information, services and utilities related to the Transport Sector. Aimed to bring convenience to citizens and transparency in the system.

Vehicle Owners Do not need to keep Vehicle Documents In Physically With Vehicles. Traffic Police Will Verify your Vehicle Document In the Mparivahan application.

 In this Article, We Tell you All Detail About Mparivahan applications Like, How to download Mparivahan Apps, How to Upload Documents in the mparivahan app, and How to use Mparivahan apps. Read this full Article end to end.

MParivahan App

Using a smartphone is veritably common and easy currently. So the government is trying to connect with people to give services online. This will help citizens get services related to the Road Transport office in an effective manner. MParivahan app empowers citizens of India to pierce colourful information and services incontinently through the mobile-grounded operation. It aims to increase convenience and translucency under the system.

The installation which is available in the mparivahan app is a virtual enrollment card, driving licence, translated QR law, transport announcement to citizens, the position of RTO office and other installation- related to Road Transport services.

Benefits Of M Parivahan Mobile Application

The major benefit of using the MParivahan mobile operation is getting Digital Service hassle-free. Some of the other benefits of this operation are given below-

1. It helps to find details of any vehicle by just furnishing the enrollment number

2. This help in getting details of alternate- hand possessed vehicles

3. It provides information to know driving licence services or driving licence mock tests. The nearest pollution check Centre RTO services are also so there in this operation.

How To Download Mparivahan Application :

1. First You have to open the Google Play store.

2. Then Search with "Mparivahan App"

3. In Search Result So many applications Show related maprivahan app.

4. You have to verify the official government Mparivahan App with the original Logo.

5. Here We Also Upload the Original Apps Logo of the Maprivahan app.

then Download this Application and Install the Mparivahan app On your phone.

6. You can Download Mparivahan App Directly from here

How to Upload Vehicle Document In Mparivahan App/ How to Add RC Book, Driving Licence In Mparivahan App/How to Add Insurance in Mparivahan App.

After Successfully Creating Mparivahan App Account YOu have to Upload your vehicle Document in This app.

First, Upload RC Book in mparivahan app

Here we tell you How to Add an RC book In Mparivahan App.

Select RC Book Upload Option In Mparivahan app.

Enter Your Vehicle Registration no., Chasis No, and Vehicle owner's name.

YOu have to successfully upload your Rc book.

You can Easily Add Your Driving Licence By Scan QR Code Given in your Driving Licence.

Know Any Vehicle Detail online : Download Mparivahan APK Online 


Other Use Of Mparivahan App::: 

You can also use other Benefits of the Mparivahan App.

Anyone Can See Full detail of any Vehicles Just Insert Vehicle No.

You can get All types of vehicle detail Like 

Vehicle Owner Name

Vehicle Parsing of State and district

Vehicle Loan detail

  • Find details of any parked, accidental or theft vehicle by just entering the registration number.
  • Verify your car registration details.
  • Verify details of a second-hand vehicle.
  • If you want to buy a second-hand car you can verify the age and registration details.

Along with the above features, you can also verify DL details and create virtual DL and RC in this app.

Highlights: Virtual RC/DL, Encrypted QR Code, Information Services, DL/RC search, Transport Notification to the citizen, RTO/Traffic Office Locations. Complete Transport Office related services will also be facilitated soon..

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