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Monday 6 April 2020

Amazing Picture Of 9 minute Diwali: fight Against Corona Live Updates India

As the clock strikes 9, millions of Indian homes across the country honor Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call to install 'dias' (candles) or flashlights in his balcony or outside the main door. Corona Warriors - Doctors, nurses, hygiene personnel and police personnel who are making excuses to the front line.

On Thursday, PM Modi on Sunday night urged all the countrymen to keep the lights off for 9 minutes and urge them to use dyes, candles or use their mobile phone flashlight as a sign of solidarity to counter the novel coronavirus.

Beginning at 9am on Sunday night, millions of people in Gujarat have turned off the lights on their homes and turned on the candles, dice or mobile phone lights.

However, there have also been reports of firecrackers and shelling of conch shells to express the collective resolve to disperse the darkness created by the epidemic.

The soft glow of the dice for nine minutes, the mixed sound of fireworks and the joyful crying of young children was reminiscent of Diwali.

PM Modi has appealed to the citizens of the country, "At that time, if you have turned off all the lights in your house and lit the lamp in every direction, we will experience the power of light, clearly illuminating. For the common purpose we all fight. Going ".

At times we recognize the strength of 3.3 billion people and it gives us strength in this fight against the coronavirus. We lead the hope, the light, to the poorest, weaker sections most affected by this crisis."

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