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Thursday 16 April 2020

Best Good Creative Application for Children : Creativity app

Good Creative Application for Children : Creativity app

Innovation: Kids love learning new things every day. Their focus may be more stable in new things. One thing gets boring. If one is allowed to write one clock five times, the child may get bored.

Often a paragraph or lesson for a good letter is written two or three times carefully, but the second or third time text will be very flawed, messy.

This kind of process makes children feel bored and does not achieve a certain goal.
If children are taught with new stories, new tools, new experiments, new methods, the focus may be more,

So the teacher has to update his knowledge. One should strive to innovate in the process of education through self-understanding.

Mobility: The baby is very agile. It can't sit still, really, mobility is a child's progress, so even educational devices are more dynamic, if mechanical, more attentive. The work of education is made effective through drama, film.

If the teacher is sitting on a chair in the classroom or standing in one place, if he is doing his work, then the process of teaching can lead to depression.

If the teacher sits with the children and the learning process becomes more concentrated and the living environment is created in the classroom.

Activation: Children are active by nature. He does something by doing some activity. Like sabotaging, doing something new. He likes to hear something new, see something new, and do something new for himself.

Children are playful, so they enjoy heavenly pleasures in the game. Being a creative instinct focuses on activities such as pottery, painting, painting, printing etc., together with fun, children engage in activities.

Quantitative: Children love anything bigger than small. Therefore, if the educational resources are relatively large, then they attract more attention. The ball, the pictures, the large whatever and the text on the blackboard are more focused if the letter is longer.

Asymmetry: If the long ones have sting, the black has the white, the thin have the thick, then the attention is immediately drawn.

The paradox of two historical events or the biographies of historical characters can be very effective, interesting, and memorable in a comparative way.

Importance of attention in the educational process:

Brings stability of mind. Only imagination increases. Only memory is nourished. With meditation, action becomes better and faster. The only action that develops the mind is meditation.

Attention in a person increases efficiency and dexterity. Jaya meditation also calms some emotions and tendencies.

Good Creative Application for Children : Creativity app

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