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Friday, 17 April 2020

Genome sequence of coronavirus decoded : GBRC RESEARCH BIG UPDATES COVID-19

The biggest and relieving news about Corona is coming up against Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center, a success that no one has ever found in the world, Gujarat Biotechnology Center has discovered the genus of Corona, genome sequence.

The good news is that this genealogy has been invented by Gujarat for the first time so this can be called the biggest news when most countries in the world have been in the grip of Corona. With this lineage formula it will be easy to find all things like corona virus drug, vaccine, side effects etc.

In the world, Corona has been shouted as the world's top scientists are searching for Corona medicine and vaccine.

It is a matter of pride for the Gujarati people that corona care is still in Gujarat. Based on the important information of this genus, it will be easy for Corona medicine and vaccines to be prepared.

Generally, the nature, nature and structure of man, animal, and plant are determined by its DNA.

While many top scientists from around the world have shown futility in getting information about this virus for a long time, this discovery made by Gujarat Biotechnology Research is sure to bless the entire human life. News of this relief has officially surfaced from the CM office.

The official information of this news has been posted on Gujarat CM's official Twitter page.

The important thing is that even big countries like America have been scratching their head when this can be called a great success for India and India in particular.

While the nature of the virus is known based on the acid contained in the RNA, its nature and activity are not only known, but also the severity of the attack in the body.

Director, Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center. Chaitanya Joshi said that the World Health Organization declared Corona as an epidemic on March 7. The highest number of cases of coronas were reported in Wuhan, China, in the world, followed by coronary drug testing and vaccine testing in China.

In addition, tests have been conducted in six laboratories in the world so far, in which it has been reported that six types of mutations have been observed in the corona virus over time.

After the virus starts to spread, it mutates so that it cannot be killed easily.

There have been nine alterations in the coronavirus structure that have been proved by scientists in Gujarat. Corona virus is also being analyzed at the National Institute of Biology, Pune.

The Gene Corps of Corona Virus has been discovered at Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center. This type of analysis has not been performed in a single laboratory in India.

This kind of special research has been done in India, which is a unique achievement.

The corona virus infiltrates from one human to another very quickly

With such research, it is possible to estimate the type of corona virus entering the body and how it attacks other organs, including the lungs.



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