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Friday 17 April 2020

Gujarat Coronavirus Latest Press release : Today Live Updates

Scientists in the United States have discovered a chemical that blocks the spread of Coronavirus with the help of a supercomputer.

It is hoped that in the days to come, Coronavirus, who has become the second death catastrophe in the world, could have great success and could be vaccinated.

IBM, the world's fastest computer in the United States, has discovered 77 drug chemicals that are able to prevent people from suffering from Coronavirus. Researchers analyzed a pair of 8000 elemental tests that would help to construct the organism of Covid 19, the Coronavirus.

This will prevent the virus from spreading to the cells of the human body.

Corona roared around the world

So far in Italy, Coronavirus infection has caused the highest number of deaths in Italy. The death toll from Coronavirus in Italy on March 19 has surpassed that of China, where the outbreak began to spread in December.

3405 people have died in Italy. Coronavirus began to spread here on February 21. So far in Korea, 3245 deaths have been infected with corona virus infection.

In Italy, on Wednesday, there were 475 deaths in a single day, the highest number of deaths in a single day in any country worldwide.

179 countries have been hit by the Corona virus since Friday morning. So far 10,035 people have died. As many as 2,44,979 people have been reported to have infected.

Current conditions in Iran are worsening due to the Corona virus. The current situation in Iran is so severe that one person is dying every ten minutes due to corona.

Iran Health Ministry spokesman Kiyush Jahanpur said in a tweet that 50 people had been infected in an hour. In Iran, 149 people were killed in a single day and more than 1,000 fresh cases of infection were reported.

In the 15 trucks in Lombardy, Italy, 97 bodies were taken to the hospital together, and everyone's eyes were wet. Originally, there was no room for burial in Bergamo's cemetery. So the bodies were sent out of hospitals to Bergamo province.

The city is also full of burials. There are 24 corpses coming to the cemetery daily so it was decided to send the bodies to the nearby provinces. 50 soldiers joined in the work. Hundreds of people are being killed every day, said Marco Bergamelli, pastor of the Church of All Saints in Bergamo province. We don't know where to bury them?

University researchers argue that the virus spread through cities and villages. He says that youths working and socializing in cities and villages may have gone to crowded places and from there the Corona virus would have been brought home.

It may have infected the elderly in the household. If they do not have any symptoms, you may not even know that the infection is spreading to the elderly in their home. The elderly population is at the earliest sign of Coronavirus infection.

This is because their respiratory system is weak and the virus has the most effect. Children have more resistance to coronavirus. Researchers who are doing research on it say that it is because the lungs of children are not harmed.

With the first breathing, the polluted air in our lungs begins to reach and gradually worsen. So children's lungs fight more strongly with the new virus.

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