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Thursday, 16 April 2020

MODI GOVERNMENT decisions Tambaku Gutkha And other products

MODI GOVERNMENT decisions Tambaku Gutkha And other products 

The Union Home Ministry on Wednesday issued a guideline regarding lock-in exemption in low-risk areas following the situation in Lockdown Part Two. The concession will apply to Corona Free Areas starting April 20.

With regard to the harvest and the new sowing season in the coming days, agricultural work has been specially exempted. However, social distance standards will be strictly adhered to during this period. Construction activities are also limited with conditions.

These activities will be discounted during Lockdown 2. Along with this, efforts have been made to address everyday problems with regard to locking in areas free of corona.

The agricultural and livestock industry will be allowed to do all the activities related to farming, farmers and farm laborers will be allowed to work on the harvest. - Agricultural equipment shops, their repair and spare parts shops will be open - production and distribution activities of fertilizers, seeds, pesticides will continue, Their shops will be open

- There will be no restriction on movement of machine cutting from one state to another.

These shops will be exempt - grocery stores, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, cereals, dairy, ration shops and milk booths, fodder shops for animal husbandry. - Print and electronic media are also exempt from DTH and cable service. It is allowed to work with capacities of 50% of the employees of IT companies

Not in areas known as at-risk areas) - Activities of e-commerce companies, their operators' vehicles will have to be cleared, government centers will also have to call for work-exemption - Government-employed data and call center services-private security services clearance allow for the transport of these goods. Freedom to load / unload / unload cargo - petroleum and LPG products , Allowed transportation of essential commodities such as food avase will be releasing all the trucks and the goods / carrier vehicles,

2 drivers and one assistant are allowed in one truck - this time the truck repair shop has also been exempted,

The highways will also be open so that the truck drivers will not have any problem. - Railway freight remains intact -

Supply Chain Permission for all required goods

MODI GOVERNMENT decisions Tambaku Gutkha And other products

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