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Monday 13 April 2020

PM Modi to address the nation on April 14th at 10 am : Coronavirus Lockdown

PM Narendra Modi will address the country tomorrow at 10:00 am on Tuesday, according to a new announcement.

This time the information was given by the PMO. Earlier, there was speculation that PM Modi would address the country today. Which is wrong. In his address, Payne Modi may make another announcement by taking a lockdown.

It is worth mentioning that the 21-day lockdown limit is coming to an end tomorrow, Tuesday. On the other hand, the number of coronary patients is also increasing in the country.

PM Modi has already discussed this with the states. In which many CMs have suggested to further the lockdown. There is also speculation that the lockdown may be extended for another 15 days.

While the lockdown limit is being met in the country on April 14 tomorrow, news is coming that PM Modi will address the country at 10am tomorrow. It is important then that the country can announce the key by extending lockdown in the country. Then, if the lockdown is prolonged, PM Modi can also do some important ads.

The 21-day lockdown is being completed tomorrow, with the PMO tweeting today that PM Modi will address the country at 10am tomorrow. It is likely that PM Modi may announce Lockdown 2.0.

It is believed that if the lockdown extends into the country, then the lockdown may be extended in the country with some concessions and conditions. PM Modi can also speak in his address on this issue. It may be recalled that PM Modi had a meeting with all the CMs of the states on April 11 through a video conference and had in-depth discussions on extending the lockdown. Some states have already extended the lockdown by April 30.

It is said that PM Modi could announce a lockdown tomorrow but could offer partial relief with the conditions. It is important that the Department of Industrial Promotion and Internal Affairs, in a letter to the Home Ministry, have suggested that some key sectors should be restarted with security. DPIIT said that in order to improve the economic activity and reach the people in the hands of the people, it is necessary to give some concessions in this sector.

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