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Monday, 13 April 2020

VERY EASY AND FAST : How to Recover Deleted Photos Videos from MEMORY CARD PHONE STORAGE Free

VERY EASY AND FAST : How to Recover Deleted Photos Videos from Memory Card Free

How to Recover a Deleted Photo from an SD Card 100% Free

When it comes to storing all your important files, like photos or videos, it seems like you never have enough space on your devices.

For digital photographers, SD cards are an indispensable tool of the trade.

When you're using phones or tablets, microSD cards are best for expanding storage.

However, you can lose your valuable photos / videos on SD cards in some of the following situations:

Mistakenly deleted pictures or videos from SD cards.

Cards may occasionally crash or stop working due to a virus attack or user error.

Accidentally formatted SD cards with no backup of the data.

As with all digital storage media, there is a possibility that at some point you will need to retrieve photos from the SD card using a digital camera, phone or other camera equipped with a camera.

You may need to recover an SD card photo, due to accidentally deleted photos or a simple error click.

Sometimes we delete some photos to keep space on our smartphones. Some of the required photos are deleted by mistake, which we also regret. If any of the required photos have been deleted by you inadvertently, you can get them back.

 An application called Disk Digger helps you recover deleted photos and videos. Use this app to retrieve your deleted photos or videos.

 Once this app is installed it will ask you to do a photo scan. For this you will get the option of Start Basic Scan. After clicking on this option it will ask you to access photos, media and files. This will pop up two options on your screen. In Allow and Deny Day you have to click on Allow.

 After doing so, all your photos will begin to be scanned and exposed to you. Once this app completes a scan, it will give you full information of the scanned file. Then select the file or photo you want to retrieve and click on the box above it. That way you can bring back deleted photos and videos. Speak now happy!

Your SD card may be inadvertently formatted or corrupted, making it impossible to access your photos.

If these photos are important to you, then these situations can be stressful.

An SD card brings convenience, but it also easily comes with data loss problems through the smallest operation you're doing.

Losing photos from the SD card is one of the top issues for most Android phones and camera users. Usually, you lose pictures in the following cases.

SD cards are commonly used on Android phones, DSLRs, digital cameras and other devices to save photos. But often you have a tendency to snap photos of SD card in a hurry, which later becomes a mistake.

Easy Way to Restore Deleted Photos/Videos from SD Card with Freeware

follow Step 1: Connect the SD Card to Computer. Remove the SD card from your camera/phones and insert it into your laptop's card reader

follow Step 2: Select & Scan the SD Card for Lost Pictures/Videos.

follow Step 3:
Preview and Retrieve Deleted Photos/Videos from SD Card.

Sometimes, photos are deleted due to formatting or virus attacks when you connect them to an infected system.

Whatever the reason, losing your precious photos due to the placement can be very frustrating.

The last but most popular reason for the loss of SD card data is accidentally.

Everyone makes mistakes and it often happens in the blink of an eye.

So it is common for you to accidentally delete a valuable photo, deeming it useless.

In these cases, if the SD card is working well and only some data is lost, retrieving photos that have been deleted from the SD card will be much easier.

VERY EASY AND FAST : How to Recover Deleted Photos Videos from Memory Card Free


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