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Thursday 23 July 2020

Digital Gujarat PreMatric Scholarship Guideline For SC (2020-21)

Digital Gujarat PreMatric Scholarship Guideline For SC (2020-21)

Corona virus is spreading in the country and in the world. Similarly, around 500 cases of corona are coming in Gujarat every day. Due to which there is a fuss among the people as to whether there will be a lockdown in Gujarat again. There were also growing reports that the government had sealed the border. So more questions are being raised in people's minds. Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel today held a press conference on the Corona test and responded to the lockdown in Gujarat.

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Nitin Patel said that there is no consideration of lockdown in Gujarat. But every citizen is required to follow the rule in relaxation. Speaking further, Nitin Patel said that the Rajasthan government has sealed the border based on the situation. Seeing this, some people are spreading false rumors that lockdown is going to increase in Gujarat as well. But at present the government has no such idea that the lockdown will increase.

Apart from that, Nitin Patel said that from now on, people will also be able to get corona tests in private hospitals. 1400 private doctors will be able to recommend corona tests. As for the private hospital, Nitin Patel said that action would be taken till the hospital was closed permanently. It is also decided that action will be taken against the recovery of more than the prescribed charge. Also in the case of death, Nitin Patel said that death was not only from Corona.

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