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Wednesday 4 November 2020

Gas Cylinders Will Be Able To Book Single Numbers Across The Country

 The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has launched a new service for customers of state-owned gas company Inden Gas on Sunday, November 1. Under this service, the Ministry has announced a new number 7718955555 for Indian customers. Starting today, Indian customers across the country will be able to book gas cylinders through this number. The gas cylinder booking facility on this number will continue 24 * 7 i.e. twenty four hours and seven days, till there were booking numbers according to the telecom circle.

According to the ministry, there were currently different numbers for booking of gas cylinders according to the telecom circle. But now these numbers have been discontinued and the same number has been applied across the country. Inden customers across the country will now be able to book their gas cylinders through this number.

According to the ministry, if a customer goes to another telecom circle in his state, he can also book a gas cylinder through this number. Gas cylinders can be booked via SMS or IVRS to this number. According to the ministry, Indian customers will only be able to book gas cylinders from their registered mobiles.

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Gas cylinder booking process By registered mobile Number:

  • First you have to call Indian booking number 7718955555.
  • Here you have to enter a 16 digit custom ID.
  • This customer ID is written on the invoice or book of Inden LPG.
  • Booking confirmation will be given after entering the customer ID.
  • Your booking will be accepted after confirmation.
By non-registered mobile number:
  • If the customer's mobile number is not recorded in Inden's records, he will have to enter a 16-digit customer ID.
  • Thai processing can also be done through confirmed evers through ns, your mobile number will be registered.
The gas cylinder can be two brocade.

Gas cylinders will not be available without OTP from today


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Gas companies have changed the home delivery system of gas cylinders from November 1, i.e. today. Under it, cylinders without One Time Password (OTP) will no longer be available. As per the change, OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number to the customers after booking the cylinder.

The delivery boy has to show up when it comes to OTP gas delivery. The cylinder will be delivered to the customer only after the OTP match. If the OTP does not match, the cylinder will not be delivered.

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