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Saturday 27 February 2021

તમારો ચૂંટણી કાર્ડ(એપિક)નંબર નાખો એટલે તમારું નામ,બુથ,ક્રમાંક,અને ક્યાં મતદાન કરવા જવા નું છે એની સ્લીપ ઓનલાઈન મળી જશે.

 Jamshedpur. On the off chance that decisions are held, the ticket talks start. Ticket guarantee You will hear things like the rush. What is this ticket? As a matter of fact, it is Form B of Election Commission with no ticket. In Form B, the name of the gathering that the competitor chooses in decisions and the name of a substitute 

up-and-comer are composed. Beneath that is the mark of the gathering president, this is the gathering ticket. Structure B is additionally joined by Form A, in which the public leader of the gathering approves the state president to choose a competitor. In like manner speech, Form A, otherwise called Ticket, must be submitted to the Returning Officer at the hour of documenting selection. Both the structures must be presented by 3 pm till the last date for documenting selection at the same time. 

Seals of gathering 

Structure B denotes the gathering's political decision image and the gathering's seal is endorsed under the mark of the state president. The gatherings proclaim competitors in the decisions, yet send a couple of days before designation with the Form B and An Observer. 

I won't drink tea till June 1 

The gathering of All India Sonia Gandhi Prachar Dal was hung on Tuesday at Jawaharnagar on Mango Road number four. Group President Surajkant Nag directed the gathering. He said that not all individuals from the mission group will drink tea from March 12 to June

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