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Saturday 20 March 2021



The instructor was thought of and in like manner the essential educators were qualified for the principal better quality of advancement for example the norm of collaborator instruction reviewer. As there is no advancement unit after the Assistant Education Inspector for the essential instructors, they have been given second and third advanced education by the Finance Department on 17/06/2011 Resolution No .: Pg-1008-2-4.A. (M) was to be met according to the timetable fixed. From that point onward, the remittance rules of the head educator framework were proclaimed from the ad dated 17/01/2017 under reference (2) of this office. According to the arrangement offered by these leeway rules, essential educators were selected as feeder unit of the head instructor. Arrangement was made in the announcement to satisfy the capabilities recommended for the post of Headmaster to be elevated or to achieve higher position. Subsequently, if there are two opening for the advancement of essential instructors according to the notice dated 03/01/2008, Assistant Education Inspector and according to the notice dated 15/01/2017, there are two opportunities for the advancement of head educators. According to the goal dated 05/12/2017 under reference (2) of this office, it is discretionary to get the advancement of the head educator, they are qualified to get the primary better quality. Consequently, the Headmaster Recruitment Rules, 2018 were distributed from the warning dated 7/06/2018 under reference (2) of this segment. Therefore, the enrollment rules for the Assistant Education Inspector, 2013 were proclaimed from the warning under reference (2) dated 31/01/2018 of this office. According to the arrangements of these standards, the head instructor unit has been incorporated rather than the essential educators as the feeder framework of the associate training monitor. Hence, there ought to be no space for direct advancement for essential instructors just as advancement of head educator 

પરિપત્ર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

With the above subtleties, the public notification of this division dated 18/01/2071 and dated 21/01/2071 just as the goal dated 19/06/2071 ought to be carried out, to the essential instructors and essential educators of grade schools under the locale training board of trustees/town training assent of the state and In request to keep up consistency in the translation of different presentations and goals distributed under reference (1) to (2) in regard of the principal, second and third suitable strides, just as the subordinate changes made in that, all expressed in the specific circumstance. Taking into account the way that there is no adjustment in the first arrangements of the Declaration and the Resolutions, the accompanying general clarifications are given in regard of those arrangements. • The essential educator framework being the feeder unit of the head instructor framework, the essential instructors are qualified for get the higher advance norm of the head educator as the primary more elevated level norm. • It is willful for the head instructor to be elevated to the post of Assistant Education Inspector, for example there is a bad situation for advancement for the head educator yet just those head instructors who need to be elevated need to breeze through the pertinent assessment. In this manner, the director's unit is a lone framework. As the head educator framework is considered as Rouhan, Ranvar, since this unit would one say one is unit, there is a requirement for advancement for crop instructors after the head educator? Co) If there is no space, they are qualified for Finance Department DR-3 on Yat K2/Iii Avait [2 Muj + lej technique and third higher 5 norm, - as there is a bad situation for necessary advancement for the head educator. According to the timetable recommended by the Finance Department subject to the arrangements of the goal relevant to the more significant salary standard and the auxiliary revisions made in it, according to the timetable, the head educator is qualified to meet the head instructor date 31/. According to the strategy for arrangement under the Public Name of 01/2071, if the deliberate advancement is made in the framework of Assistant Education Inspectors, in the conditions where they are dependent upon the arrangements of the relevant goal of the Finance Department. 5 will be receivable 

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