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Friday, 7 January 2022

Anand Krishi University, Anand Advertisement No .: 07/2017 (Non-Academic) (Amendment) (For Agriculture Assistant Vacancies only)

 Anand Krishi University, Anand Commercial No .: 07/2017 (Non-Academic) (Amendment) (For Agriculture Assistant Post only)

In many services under the governance of Anand Krishi University, Anand, under thenon-academic skeleton of class- II, the posts of Agriculture Assistant and its fellow are to be filled on contract base for a period of five times with fixed payment. announcementNo.05/2018(Non-Educational) for" Communication" was published in the current letter on2-08-2017. Name. The following details have to be filled by making necessary corrections in the below announcement being introduced by the Government.
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