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Sunday, 19 June 2022

A useful home remedy for toothache

Hello friends, if you have a dental problem or bad breath here, do so. Below is the information is given in the area and other working information can be found here on the website. 

I have brought useful information about toothache for you today and it is given in the information area below, friends, where else you will not find home remedies and I have brought it, especially for you and here the home remedies information is also given in Gujarati, you can see.

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Home remedies for toothache, toothache and decayed teeth, clean yellow teeth, bad breath and tooth decay you will get information here in this post.


There are various advantages to chewing garlic with salt.  All the time doing this medicine help with toothache.  Chewing a clove of garlic every morning protects the teeth strongly.


Eating a raw onion every morning also helps with toothache.  Doctors believe that eating one slice of an onion every three minutes kills germs and bacteria in the mouth and helps from pain.


 Having cloves in the mouth affords help in case of toothache.  Putting in clove oil on that part during the same pain is very advantageous.

આ પણ વાંચો કિડની માટે ઝેર સમાન છે આ વસ્તુઓ, ભૂલથી પણ ન કરતા સેવન. ડાયાબિટીસના દર્દીએ તો ખાસ આટલું ધ્યાન રાખવું

 Toothache can also be decreased by using lemon juice.

Placing a slice of lately chopped onion on sore gums or teeth also helps from pain.  You can make a homemade mouthwash for toothache using local herbs like Zergul, Hirabol, etc.  Other medicinal plants contain basil, wild basil, and ascent.

દાંતના દુખાવાના કુદરતી ઉપચાર અહીંથી વાંચો

અહીંથી જાણો ઘરેલુ ઉપચાર

Tea bag

Keep it tea bags in hot water and shake the area where the pain is being.  So that the pain in the teeth can be relieved fastly.

 Mustard oil

  So that the pain in the teeth is abolished.  At the same time, the draft seems to be getting stronger.

Natural Remedies for Toothache

Various of us may have experienced a sudden toothache at the times.  So it is very essential to know the natural and safe ways to decrease it.  Many natural ayurvedic painkillers such as rye, black pepper, or garlic can be used efficiently to relieve toothache.  The following tips will give you details on how and what to do for the natural treatment of toothache.

Clove oil is thought to be the most effective treatment for toothache.  Mix a pinch of black pepper powder in clove oil and put it on the sore part.

Mustard oil is another option to decrease toothache.  Mustard oil should be mixed with a pinch of salt and rubbed on the painful part of the gums. 

Friends, putting a piece of dry ice covering your mouth here also gives you help from toothache.

 If you are agonizing over sudden toothache then you should completely give up on foods that are too cold, too hot, and have a sore throat as it can create more toothache.

 Eating customs should be taken care of and vegetables, fruits, and grains should be used in most foods. The use of junk food should be kept away from.

મોઢામાં ચાંદા કે દુર્ગંધ હોય તો આ વિડીયો જુઓ

મોઢાના ચાંદા ના ઉપચાર અહીંથી જાણો

દાંત ના દુખાવાનો વિડીયો અહીંથી જુઓ

Ayurveda treatment to avert toothache

Broiling it in water and rinsing it relieves toothache.

If the teeth are relocated and there is pain, stuffing the teeth with hing or akkalkaro gives help.

In the morning, black sesame seeds are chewed and eaten and a little water is added to build up the teeth.

દાંતનો સડો દૂર કરો

 Teething strengthens the relocated teeth.

 Taking sesame oil in the palm and rubbing it on the gums with the fingers fortify the moving teeth.

 Rubbing lemon juice on the gums stops the bleeding from the teeth.

 Rinsing sesame oil in the mouth for ten to fifteen minutes eliminates pyorrhea and strengthens teeth.

દાઢ નો દુખાવો અને દાઢ કાઢવા માટે

 Rubbing teeth with salt across with fern oil cures pyorrhea.

 Pressing an inflated alum powder on the gums stops the bleeding from the teeth.

 If the gums are swollen, the pain can be helped by rubbing a pinch of salt on them and putting in the inflated alum powder on it.

દાંત ને સફેદ કરવા માટે

 Rubbing teeth with apple juice and soda stops bleeding from the teeth and puts an end to tooth decay.

 Drinking 20 grams of ripe tomato juice thrice a day stops bleeding from the teeth.

 Constant rinsing with salt water gives relief to tooth corruption.

 Boiling coffee and rinsing it help from tooth decay and toothache.

 Eating onions makes teeth look like white milk.

 Every morning, soaking fenugreek in water and eating it can cure pyorrhea.

 Chewing basil leaves and rinsing a clarify of basil leaves strengthens teeth and gums.

 Compressing a bowl of the cloves and camphor or cinnamon and asafoetida into the cavities of the hollowed and corrupt teeth gives relief.

 આ પણ વાંચો🌎 જમીન પ્લોટની માપણી કરો તમારી જાતે તમારા સ્માર્ટ ફોનથી એકદમ સરળ રીતે આ એપ્લિકેશન ઇન્સ્ટોલ કરી

If the milk of the goat is taken hold of on the leaves of the goat and massaged on the gums, then the relocation teeth will also be strongly crushed.

Rubbing 10 gms of black pepper and 50 gms of black and ash finely on the teeth in the morning and evening is advantageous in pyorrhea.

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