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Tuesday 14 June 2022

Bharat Ke Agniveer’: Centre unveils new defence recruitment model| 10 points

Bharat Ke Agniveer’: Centre unveils new defence recruitment model| 10 points

The ‘Agnipath’ recruitment model is based on all-India merit-based selection process. Those between the age of 17.5 and 21 years will serve in the armed forces for a period of four years.

The Union Cabinet led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to take up and approve the 'Tour of Duty' (ToD) scheme for recruitment of new soldiers into the armed forces today (14 June), reports say.

A new scheme has been launched to recruit a large number of youth in the three branches of the Indian Army - Army, Navy and Air Force. Under the scheme, the youths will have to serve in the Defense Force for only four years. The government has taken up the scheme to reduce the budget for wages and pensions. The three army chiefs, along with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, announced the plan at a press conference. The first recruitment will be done in 90 days.

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The Agneepath Recruitment Scheme, developed by the Department of Military Affairs, was earlier dubbed the 'Tour of Duty'. Under this scheme, more soldiers will be recruited for the short term. The department has implemented this scheme. The government has introduced the scheme to reduce their expenditure and increase the number of youth in the defense force.

About 45,000 youths will be recruited
every year. Under Agneepath, approximately 45,000 youths will be recruited in the army every year. These young people should be between 17.5 and 21 years of age. 

He will be given the opportunity to serve in the army for four years. Out of these four years, 6 months basic training will be given to the soldiers. Soldiers will be given a salary of 30 thousand to 40 thousand. They will be given awards, medals and insurance cover just like the standing soldiers of the three armies. Insurance cover is up to Rs 44 lakh.

25% of firefighters will be given the opportunity to continue their service

Only 25% of firefighters will be recruited in the permanent cadre after completion of four years. Soldiers who wish to serve in the Army after four years will be offered the opportunity on the basis of merit and medical fitness. Soldiers who are selected for the permanent cadre will have to complete a term of 15 years. They will not receive a pension on the initial four-year contract.

The 75% firefighters who opt out of the scheme will be given a service fund package. That package of Rs 11 lakh to Rs 12 lakh will be funded by Agnivir's monthly contribution. Apart from that, the certificates and bank loans he got will help him to start a career in other fields.

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