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Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Apple launches iOS 16

The iPhone will now be able to send live text messages on video as well as notifications in a new style.

Apple has launched iOS 16 for iPhone. With the new update comes changes from changing the wallpaper on the home screen to managing notifications. The iPhone has launched this updated iOS 16 version at Apple's WWDC 2022 event. According to sources, along with the iPhone 14, iOS 16 will also be launched in September. This update will be available in later versions of iPhone 8.

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Understand iOS 16 from a new expert?
Talking about the new features of iOS 16 launched at the WWDC 2022 event, tech guru Abhishek Tailang said that it is an Apple iOS 16 much awaited revamp. Complaints about customization will now go away to some extent with the launch of iOS 16. Users in the iPhone can make many changes with the lock screen, which will also change the look of the phone. At the same time, questions were being raised about the Focus feature, saying that it completely spoils the work-life balance. This time Apple has improved the Focus Visit app.

At the same time, the changes he has made to the customization of the lock screen have been awaited for a long time. At the same time, changes in car play have been made according to the gadgets used in electric cars. This will make it easier to manage in an electric car. Questions have also been raised about privacy risks with apps customized with Android, but Apple has also taken care of privacy with the customization feature. Android phones started getting customization features from the beginning with fonts and wallpapers a long time ago, but for those who use an iPhone, there is no such feature yet.

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You will also be able to edit the sent text message
Apple will now provide the facility to edit or recall iMessage. Apple has added three key features to its messaging app. If the message is iMessage instead of SMS text then users can also recall the message sent along with editing. Apart from this users can also snooze the text so that it can be handled later. TV shows, listening to music or Fitness + can be used remotely via share play with friends. The dictation in the message has also been updated. This allows you to easily move between voice and touch.

Buy now and pay letter feature will
be available. Contactless payment allows merchants to accept payments only on iPhone. Apple will have new payment options like 'Apple Pay Letter' and 'Split the Cost'. The amount spent on shopping in this facility will be divided into 4 installations, which can be paid within 6 weeks without any interest rate.

Live text will now also work in video.
Live text has also been updated. It will now also work in video. This feature also allows you to pause videos and copy text from them. Apart from this, if you want to delete something from the photo, you can delete it. The company is also offering the option to share digital hotels.

The map also has the option of multistop routing.
Updated iOS 16 will see an update in Apple Maps. The newly redesigned map will be available in 11 countries, including France and New Zealand, with the option of multistop routing.

Kids account will be easier to manage.

For sports fans you will find the option of 'My Sport' in this update. Live scores and standing can also be seen from this. Photos have also been updated. This makes it easy for children to manage their accounts. With this update comes a new tool for personal safety. You will also see a change in the smart home. It will be presented with a new category and layout. There is also an update for CarPlay. The new version of Car Play will support all vehicle controls. Personalized Special Audio, Quick Note, Rapid Security Response Mechanism updates, Memoji customization will also be seen. In addition, the watch OS-9 will also see a lot of changes.

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