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Thursday 2 June 2022

Daily Petrol-Diesel Price

One-stop app for Daily Fuel price updates in India

Hello friends, good morning, why are you having fun? Today we have come up with information about petrol and diesel prices. Here is a link below where you can find out the current prices of petrol and diesel. Stay tuned to our website for similar information.

Stay on top of recent reforms by the Indian government  

- Petrol, diesel, and gas prices revision on daily basis...

This reform created a major shift in the common man’s day-to-day life. Now the cost of all daily use commodities is changed after every few days. Specially expense of food items keeps on fluctuating with every change in fuel prices. For some people, these announcements are on the good side but few are still trying to adapt themselves to these changes.

To help users keep track of fluctuating fuel prices, we created a simple free app.

Features of Fuel Prices

* Simple & quick way to know FUEL cost in your City in India. BEST Utility app.

* All major cities covered

* Easy to use calculator, Calculate total before making the payment and maintain your expense book

* Search your city

* Pin your favourite cities for quick access

* Check cost history

* Graphs included for better analytics of rate history

* Compare with other cities

* Compare multiple petrol pump rates (IOC, HP, BP etc)

* Multiple petrol pumps data available like - Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum etc

* Widget Support for quick access

* Multiple themes for day and night

Important Link

View Petrol Diesel Price Pincode

VIEW Petrol Diesel Price Citywise

IOC Petrol Pump Price today

HP Petrol Pump Price today

BP Petrol Pump Price today


- Mumbai

- Delhi

- Kolkata

- Chennai

- Ahmedabad

- Chandigarh

- Lucknow


- Ambala

- Ludhiana

- Bangalore

- Gurgaon

- Noida

- Jaipur

- Mohali

- Hyderabad 

and many more. Rates for more than 500 cities are available in this app.

Friends you will get such information from this website and daily new update and know and learn from this website and share.

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