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Thursday, 16 June 2022

Despite daily gym and strict diet, the girl suddenly started gaining weight - the doctor reported that

Obesity has become a major problem these days. Obesity is considered to be the home of many diseases. Due to which people have become very conscious about fitness. People resort to diet from gym to reduce obesity. But if you are not losing weight even after all these efforts, it can be a cause for concern. Something similar happened recently with a woman living in China.

The woman's weight continued to rise even after many attempts. After giving up on diet and exercise, she decided to go to the doctor. There came the frightening truth.

Doctors removed an eleven kilogram tumor from the abdomen of a woman living in eastern China. This tumor was the cause of the woman's continued weight gain. From the outside, the woman felt that she was gaining weight due to lack of diet or exercise. But the problem inside the stomach was growing. His stomach was also constantly swelling. This came to light when he consulted doctors. On June 2, doctors removed the tumor. The tumor was damaging other parts of the woman's abdomen. Now the woman's condition is stable after the surgery.

The woman was identified as Lynn. She is a resident of Jiangsu Province, China. Throughout her life, Lynn was constantly exercising and was slim. But over the last few months he has started to gain weight all of a sudden. Because of this, he increased the intensity of his exercise. And also changed his eating habits. But he did not see any result. When all else failed, Lee decided to go to the doctors. Where he learned of the terrible thing.

An 11 kg tumor was growing in the abdomen
The horrible truth against Lin came out after he went to the hospital. There he was found to be growing an 18.1-inch tumor in his abdomen. This large tumor was damaging other parts of her abdomen. For this reason, the doctors decided to remove the tumor as soon as possible. On June 2, doctors surgically removed the tumor. Doctors have advised people to check their sudden weight gain after this case. Not just diet or gym-diet factors at all times. Such a problem also increases the risk of further fatalities.

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