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Tuesday, 14 June 2022

E-dhara Centre And Online Application For Varsai Certificate Anyror

 E-dhara Centre And Online Application For Varsai Certificate Anyror

Varsai Certificate Online Applying Gujarat Land Mutation (Varsai / Hayati) Through E-dhara Centre And Online Application For Varsai Certificate Anyror

Hello friends, I have brought to you here a lot of Impoton and work information. Information on the complete process for claiming inheritance and survival in agricultural land. Today you will find complete information from Apost here.

Here are some of the steps and other details you can see below.

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How E-Dhara has changed Gujarat land records system:

The application procedure to complete Gujarat Land Mutation through e-Dhara centre is explained in detail below:

This Service is available in Gujarati Only.
You will be required to click on "Apply Online” button for filing the form online or "Download Form" button for filling the form offline.

Applicant should ready with service specific information like: Occupational Details, Family details, other than basic applicant details before moving with submitting application online.

All fields marked with *(star) are mandatory fields in Online Application.
As per the language selection English or Gujarati respective language keyboard should be used for filling an application form.

In case of any wrong/misleading information provided in application shall lead to rejection of the application by Department Authorities.

If your application is returned for change or to fill incomplete details, kindly submit it within 37 days of return. If fail to submit within 37 days application will be disposed with rejection. Application fee will not be refunded.

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Step to Step are below:

Varsai Certificate Online Applying Gujarat Land Mutation (Varsai / Hayati) through e-Dhara Centre And Online Application for Varsai Certificate anyror

Step 1: The applicant needs to submit an application form in a prescribed format to the -Dhara centre operator.

Online Apply Gujarat Land Mutation( Varsai /ayati)

To download mutation application visit the home page of the Revenue department of Gujarat. From the home page,

Step 1: click on E-Dhara Forms. In a new page, the list of E-Dhara application form will be displayed. By clicking on download option, you can get the printed copy of the application form.

Step 2: On receipt of the application, postal addresses, telephone numbers of khatedars, the necessary attached supporting documents, consistency of application detail with computer data, will be scrutinized. cGet Acknowledgement Receipt

Step 3: The operator enters the basic details into the computer from the application and generates two copies of acknowledgement receipt. The applicant gets one copy of the receipt. Verification by Mamlatdar

Step 4: The e-Dhara deputy mamlatdar will verify the application details, supporting documents and basic details entered and authenticate it biometrically. The system generates a unique mutation entry number and mutation note.

Step 5: The e-Dhara deputy Mamlatdar verifies and does biometric authentication. The operator will generate notices from the system and keeps it with the mutation case file. Verification by Talati

Step 6: The Talati will collect mutation files from the e-Dhara centre. He/she follows up the mutation process, i.e., serving notices and taking acknowledgements from the party and waiting for 30 days.

Step 8: When the process is completed, the mutation file becomes a permanent record residing in the e-Dhara record room.

Important Link:

Land Mutation (Varsai / Hayati) Form: Click Here

Land Mutation (Varsai / Hayati) Read In Gujarati: Click Here

E-Dhara is Gujarat’s e-governance portal for land record-keeping. You can also view the ROR, 7/12 document for official purposes

Issue of ROR IORA - Gujarat State Portal

The Talati issues new 7/12, a copy of 8A, the khata and form six entries to the applicant on demand

Land Mutation (Varsai / Hayati) Document anyror

Land Mutation (Varsai / Hayati) Document:

Land Mutation (Varsai / Hayati) Form (varsai form in gujarati)

About Varsai

For an urban area, the concerned Zonal officer is responsible for the issuance and verification of legal heir (varsai) certificate in the state of Gujarat. For a rural area, concerned Mamlatdar (Head of Taluka) is responsible for the issuance and verification of legal heir (varsai) certificate in the state of Gujarat.

You will find a lot of such government information and news in the website here and you will also find a lot of new daily information and know and learn and also share and such information and its eight news and breaking news will be found here from the website.

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