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Thursday 2 June 2022

Device Info: System & CPU Info

 Hello friends, why are you bringing your application today so that you can know all the details of your mobile phone from it. The information of this application is given below in just one application and also the link is given below to install it in your phone. 

Device Info: System & CPU Info

Automatic Tests can check if your device needs to be optimized for better performance and battery life. You can optimize your device time by checking optimizations.

Dashboard : 

  • RAM, Internal Storage, External Storage, Battery, CPU, Sensors Available, Apps Installed & Optimizations

Device : 

  • Device Name, Model, Manufacturer, Device, Board, Hardware, Brand, IMEI, Hardware Serial, SIM Serial, SIM Subscriber, Network Operator, Network Type, WiFi Mac Address, Build Fingerprint & USB Host

System : 

  • Version, Code Name, API Level, Released Version, One UI Version, Security Patch Level, Bootloader, Build Number, Baseband, Java VM, Kernel, Language, Root Management App, Google Play Services Version, Vulkan Support, Treble, Seamless Updates, OpenGL ES & System Uptime

CPU : 

  • Soc – System on Chip, Processors, CPU Architecture, Supported ABIs, CPU Hardware, CPU Governor, Number of Cores, CPU Frequency, Running Cores, GPU Renderer, GPU Vendor & GPU Version

Battery : 

  • Health, Level, Status, Power Source, Technology, Temperature, Voltage & Capacity

Network : 

  • IP Address, Gateway, Subnet Mask, DNS, Lease Duration, Interface, Frequency & Link Speed

Display : 

  • Resolution, Density, Font Scale, Physical Size, Supported Refresh Rates, HDR, HDR Capabilities, Brightness Level & Mode, Screen Timeout, Orientation

Memory : 

  • RAM, RAM Type, RAM Frequency, ROM, Internal Storage & External Storage

Sensors : 

  • Sensor Name, Sensor Vendor, Live Sensor Values, Type, Power, Wake-Up Sensor, Dynamic Sensor & Maximum Range

Apps : 

  • User Apps, Installed Apps, App Version, Minimum OS, Target OS, Installed Date, Updated Date, Permissions, Activities, Services, Providers, Receivers & Extract App Apks

App Analyzer : 

  • Analyze all your applications with the help of advanced graphs. You can also group them by target SDK, min SDK, install location, platform, installer & signature.

Device Tests :

  • Benchmark your device with the following parts and optimize your device with Automatic tests.
  • You can test Display, Multi-touch, Flashlight, Loudspeaker, Ear Speaker, Microphone, Ear Proximity, Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Vibration, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, Fingerprint, Volume Up Button & Volume Down Button

Temperature : All the thermal zone values given by the system

Camera : All the features supported by your camera

Themes : Supports dark theme & custom colors

Download Device Info App

Customizable Widgets : 

  • Fully customizable widgets with 3 sizes which display the most important information

Export Reports : 

  • Export customizable reports, Export Text Reports, Export PDF Reports

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