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Tuesday, 7 June 2022

How To Download PUC Certificate Online

Hello friends how are you today we have come up with information on how to download PUC Certificate online for you and below is also the information given below?

What is PUC Certification?

PUC Certificate means Pollution Under Control is a certificate issued by the PUC center after measuring the pollution caused by vehicles. All types of tests prescribed by MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highway) are conducted at PUC center and finally a certificate is given which is known as PUC Certificate.

Friends PUC Download Here is the information on how you can do it. Below is also the link to steps and official web. 

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How to Download PUC Certificate Online?

Before downloading PUC online, you need to get your vehicle tested by Tamara at a PUC center and PUC issued. Online PUC Certificate allows you to download the soft copy.

Let's know step by step how to download PUC certificate online

  1. First go to the official site
  2. Click on PUCC option
  3. Now click on PUC Certificate menu
  4. Now write the registration number
  5. Write the case number (last five digits)
  6. Enter captcha code
  7. Click on PUC Details button
  8. The PUC will show all your information that you download and then print

Download PUC Certificate Online 2022

Below is the Central Motor Vehicle Rule. A PUC certificate is particular to the vehicle after having passed a PUC test. 

This certificate is needed for CNG, LPG, Petrol, and Diesel in every vehicle.

Download PUC Certificate

It will ask you to enter the Authorizing Number, Chassis Number (Last 5 Characters), and confirm code as shown in the image. After you enter the essential details click on the PUC Details button and you will see your certificate.

Download PUC Certificate Online

That’s it, tap on the Print button and save the PUC certificate PDF to in your device.

PUC Certificate

PUC Certificate Contains The Following Information

PUC certificate number
Validity (Expiry date)
Vehicle registration number
Date of registration
PUC Certificate Validity
Emission readings

If you buying a new car or bike then a PUC certificate is as long as by the car company and the potency of this certificate is 1 year. This is essential for all vehicles owner so Share these details with all.

Information provided in PUC certificate
PUC Certificate No
Vehicle Registration Number
Date of Enrollment
Mobile number
Emission Name
Type of fuel
PUC Code
Date issued by PUC
Time to submit PUC
Validity Date of PUC
Number plate of the vehicle
Information about the tests conducted

Here you will find all such information and news, breaking information, learning information and education information, and all such information from the web here.

And friends, people have not taken out the PUC. Share this post with the people and as the new government will be updated, it will also be updated here from the website.

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