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Sunday 12 June 2022

If you eat fast, be careful, along with weight gain, there is also a risk of diabete

Health Tips: 

Many people have a habit of eating fast. So that it rises to the ground in five minutes. Today the question is, are you a fast eater or a slow one? You eat the key-key or then swallow the meal. People who eat fast can get many diseases, scientists said in a research. These people can also become obese. The possibility of blood sugar disease and diabetes also cannot be ruled out.

આ પણ વાંચો 💥📝 જમીન/મિલ્કતની માહિતી જુઓ ઓનલાઈન

What happens to fast food?
People who eat fast do not have a full stomach. So after a while he eats something called over eating. Overeating causes obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Glucose levels in the body fluctuate.

How do you eat

Meal speedRisk of metabolic syndrome

Food can get
trapped in the trachea A large chunk of food gets trapped in the trachea when you do not eat with gusto or quietly. Even when people are talking often while eating, the food gets trapped in the trachea. Which can cause death.

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This happens by eating fast ...
Weight gain from 70 to 80 kg,
waist size increases,
blood sugar rises,
cholesterol rises.

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