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Saturday, 18 June 2022

The habit of making jokes can be costly, many diseases have to be dealt with

Health Tips:

In general, all the people sometimes make jokes. But many people have a habit of making jokes. Many people even say that jokes bring relief. Some people, whether sitting in the office or at home alone, continue to make jokes.

There is no scientific reason for the habit of making jokes or arthritis behind it. Physiotherapist Dr. Devendra Kumar says that many people have a habit of biting their neck and fingers. Despite many remedies, one cannot give up the habit of making jokes. On the other hand, it was found that people make jokes so that they can feel relaxed.

It is a bad habit to make jokes. When people get bored, people resort to jokes. Finger joints do not have flexibility when you constantly joke. Constant teasing reduces joint space. Gradually the fingers begin to develop arthritis.

Dr. Devendra Kumar says that there is synovial fluid in the joints of the fingers. It contains balloons of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. These balloons burst when you make jokes.

These are the reasons
Gas accumulates in the joints of the fingers.
Increased space in the joints causes jokes.
One does not explode a second time in one place, because it takes time for gas to accumulate.

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What Research Says
There has been a lot of research on cracking jokes. The research found that jokes cause weakness in the hands. Doctors from the Department of Internal Medicine at Mount Carmel Mercy Hospital in Michigan selected 300 people for their research.

The research found that 74 out of 300 people were in the habit of joking, while 206 people were joking occasionally, 74 of whom were joking and even biting their nails. The 74 people also smoked more than others, the researchers said, adding that those involved in the research who broke their jokes also complained of swelling in the hands, crooked fingers and constant pain.

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