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Monday, 6 June 2022

These yogas will help to stay stress free for life, everyone is getting 100% benefit

Hello friends, today I am bringing you health information for you. It will help you to stay stress free for life. This yoga is happening to everyone. 100% benefit.

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Doing yoga asanas regularly is one of the best gifts for your body. In addition to making you physically fit, it also helps a lot in mental well-being. If you have been experiencing stress lately, this is the time to start doing yoga asanas. Yoga is definitely one of the best ways to get started.

With yoga for healing, you can reduce the stress and mental fatigue you experience during your busy routine and daily routine. There are many yoga asanas that are known to help relieve stress and anxiety. Yoga promotes physical and mental relaxation and ultimately helps reduce stress levels.


Sukhasana is one of the simplest and easiest yoga asanas. 

To do this asana, you need to cross your legs and sit on the floor. Your right foot should touch the left thigh and vice versa. Hands are to be kept on the knees.

 Keep your back and neck straight and focus on your breathing.

Lower mouth swanasana
Lower mouth swanasa or you can also say dog ​​pose towards the bottom, is an inverted asana. Yoga enthusiast Malaika Arora also swears by this pose for mental well-being. It is a stretching as well as strong asana. 

In the lower mouth swanasana, you turn downwards, your head almost touching the floor, your arms and legs stretching differently. Body weight is on the palms and soles of the feet. However this asana needs regular practice

Anand Balasan

Anand Balasan, also called Happy Child Pose, is another yoga asana that can help you overcome stress. Just lie on your back and bend your knees towards your chest. The soles of your feet should be towards the ceiling. Now, grab your legs, spread your knees and rock from one side to the other, like a happy baby! When doing asanas make sure you keep your shoulders on the floor or yoga mat.

Shavasana or Shaba Dhambha is a restorative yoga asana. It is known to calm the nervous system and relieve stress. To do this, you just have to lie on the ground on your back like a corpse. This yoga asana also helps in fighting against digestive problems, headaches and fatigue.

Balasan, Child Pose, is known to relieve stress and it also helps you sleep like a baby. Sit on your knees to do this asana. Then, turn to the floor. Your forehead should touch the ground.

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