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Sunday 31 July 2022

City in a straight line of 170 km! There will be no road-no carriage, a big announcement from the Prince of SAUDI

 Hello friends, how are you? I have brought great information for you. I have never seen such a share in the whole world. When have you ever seen a city 170 km long in a straight line?

Below is the complete information about where this city will be built and how long it will be built and a video is also given from which you can see what the city will be like and what amenities the city will have.

Awesome information in a Hindi line 170 km long glass city is about to be a big announcement of the Saudi Prince and the Saudis are building this city, please.

Here you are also given the link to read in Gujarati below so you can read in Gujarati also and you can also watch the video given below.

  • આ શહેર 170KM લાંબુ અને 200 મીટર પહોળું હશે
  • 20 મિનિટમાં લોકો શહેરના એક ખૂણેથી બીજા ખૂણે પહોંચી જશે
  • તેમાં 90 લાખ લોકો રહેશે, અહીં શૂન્ય કાર્બન ઉત્સર્જન થશે

Below video, if complete information is also given here in Vidya

અહીંથિ જુઓ સંપૂર્ણ વીડિયો

Attractive and green-looking city

Saudi Arabia's press agency released a clip of the latest design for the city on Monday. In which the city is depicted as attractive, futuristic and surprisingly green. In this, the houses have rooftop gardens, with the same view from anywhere. Officials say the natural world will also benefit from the design using minimal land. It also puts city dwellers close to the desert landscape, rock formations and ocean.

According to my estimate, the price of a flat in this city will be around 100 crores, 80 crores, then comment and tell us if you buy a flat in this city, why would you go there and live there? Let the dream come true and tell us who will go and live in this city by commenting

 40 lakh crore will be spent

The city is said to be part of Saudi Arabia's ambitious 'Neom' project. NEOM is a 'Sustainable Regional Development Project' led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The 'M' in Niom stands for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as well as the first letter of the Arabic word Mustaqbeel (future). It is not yet clear how much the megacity will cost to build, when it will be completed and how expensive the property will be. However, it is estimated that the project will cost around $40 trillion to complete.

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