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Saturday, 16 July 2022

Dj Name Mixer : Mix My Name


Dj Name Mixer is a free android app that is useful for mixing names in songs. mix your name in DJ songs. if you are searching to mix my voice with music then this app is good for you. 

This is a DJ name Mixer app. you can choose any of them. please note that you can not use some functions if you don’t install the app from the play store.

How To Use Dj Name Mixer:

After making the name you will see a list of all audio files. select your song and now you will find Two options. Directly play the mixed songs or Mix. If You Click on the Mix button you have to wait for the progress bar to complete 100%. After mixing completely you can play the song or cancel.

Want to create your own DJ songs..??

Then here is the best Sound Mixer application for you DJ Name Mixer.  Like Same, You can also add text with your audio, and you can also record the mp3 sound from this Mobile DJ mixer.

There is a special function given in Dj Name Mixer that, in text and in the recorded sound you can also add effects if you want. You can also adjust the Echo voice, Pitch, and Sound. After mixing your music you can set them as your ringtone and as a notification tone also.

Dj Name Mixer Player is the app for creative people and music lovers like you guys and in this application, you will also be given some inbuilt music. It’s a very User-friendly and responsive app. So, what are you waiting for?? Go, and download this unique app.

Key Features:

  • Effects are given
  • Responsive app
  • High-Quality Sound
  • In-built Sounds
  • Real-Time Recording
  • Text To Speech
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to use
  • Save and Share
  • Set as Your Ringtone.

This software is a very simple DJ Name Mixer to Mix DJ Name in Songs. This app is simply one step mixer. Select a song enters your name and mix. The app is very fast and static. There are very less ads. You can make unlimited DJ names and DJ name songs.

Do you want to make a DJ song by your name In this situation, this software is perfect for you. Adding your name to the remix song or mixing your name in a remix song is very easy through this software. This app works very fast and saves the song in MP3 format. 

This app will help you in making DJ songs of your name. If you want to mix your DJ name in songs then this app will help you.

Dj My Name App Download

Steps For Mixing:

  1. Click on Let’s Start and you will be shown the list of all mp3 files saved on your sd card.
  2. Select a song that you want to be mixed.
  3. Now have to add a name.  ( You can’t mix without adding any name )
  4. After adding your name Mix button will be activated. Click and mixing will start. Wait for progress to complete 100%.

After the mixing is complete, a new dialog will be shown with two buttons play and cancel. Select what you want.

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