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Thursday, 21 July 2022

If you are suffering from back-neck pain, sleep will also be disturbed, so choose the right bed.

Choosing the wrong mattress can be heavy: 

Nowadays people want to have a good night's sleep due to the rush of work. First of all, he sees that the bed and mattress are comfortable. 

But sometimes this sleep of yours can prove to be dangerous for you. In this bed, you get a good night's sleep, but many types of pain can also be a problem.

 Neck and back pain can also be a problem if you do not choose the right mattress. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Rakesh Kumar explains the disadvantages of sleeping on a bed.

Mattresses can prove to be dangerous

. Rakesh Kumar states that most soft mattresses can prove to be dangerous. By sleeping on this type of mattress, many types of diseases get home in the body. If you sleep in one position for six to seven hours, many types of problems can occur in the body. If you sleep in the same position, the regulation and balance of the body go bad. Sleeping on a soft bed can cause problems in the bones of the spine. This can also increase the risk of spondylitis.

Fleece rugs are beneficial

. According to Rakesh, fleece mattresses are better than synthetic mattresses. Fleece mattresses provide full-body comfort, while foam mattresses tend to compress the middle after a while. Sleeping on a foam mattress causes red spots on the body. If a finger penetrates more than an inch or half an inch into the mattress, it can prove harmful to the body, so try sleeping on a fleece mattress.

Use a hard bed

A hard mattress should be used to avoid pain in the body part while sleeping. A hard mattress causes some discomfort but can prove to be beneficial for the body. Do not sleep on your stomach while sleeping on an ortho mattress.

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Sleeping on the ground relieves the problem of sciatica
. Rakesh Kumar says that sciatica pain can be relieved on the ground. If there is a serious injury, sleep on the ground only after consulting a doctor.

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