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Saturday, 9 July 2022

Income from Riser App and move on


The Riser App is coming soon and friends, this app has a tremendous income and you can easily make a good income here.

Friends, here is how you can register now in this app. 

Follow the step by step below

1. You go to this link here Click here

2. It gives you your name, Gmail ID, your phone number, information about where you live

3. And you have to choose below whether you want to be an agent or a creator

4. You have to create a password here and enter this password a second time below to confirm

5. Then submit the form

For Registration Click here

After the friends enter the number you entered in this form in the username here and enter the password you created here below then login

You will be registered and send this link to more and more people.

You will also have to make a video of the following topic here and there are different topics given below and you can make any video from the following below and if you have a different interest, you can also do it here.

This app will be launched in a few days now and you will create and upload a video here in this app without any of your talent or any other and you don't like it and with it, you will get income here.

Friends, instead of the time you spend watching Instagram reels, take it in the app here and earn income.

મિત્રો તમે અહીં ગુજરાતી માં અને હિન્દી માહિતી માહિતી વાંચી સખો છો  અને નીચે તેની લિંક આપેલ છે 

ગુજરાતી : Click here

હિન્દી  : Click here

Riser App શું છે?

ઉદાહરણ: ચાલો કહીએ કે તમારા સત્ર/માસ્ટરક્લાસની કિંમત 500Rs છે અને જો ઓછામાં ઓછી 1000 છોકરીઓ બ્યુટી પાર્લર શીખવવા આવે, તો પણ તમારી આવક આખા મહિનામાં 500000Rs હશે. 

Friends, a lot of people make videos and try to go viral, but with the help of this app for you today, all the videos that you have made will be seen by the people around you, and in that way, those people will share and you will also get income and People will share they will also get the commission.

આપણ વાંચો ⁉️ BPL રેશન કાર્ડ ૨૦૨૨ની નવી યાદી. તમારુ નામ ચેક કરો

If your friends and someone else can't find a job, here is information that it will be launched in a few days and you can also make a good income from this app.

Register: Click here

Our App Coming Soon..

Riser App is an app from India that can make the women of India self-reliant. So the women of our country can make a good income from whatever talent they have here with the help of this riser app and once the app is launched here you will Upload, share and earn income by making good videos here.

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