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Monday, 25 July 2022

Jamjir waterfall VIDEO

Jamjir waterfall, people arrive with the whole family to see the view, watch VIDEO

Hello friends, it is the rainy season, because the monsoon is going on, today's news has brought this video of the beautiful Jamjir waterfall in Gir Somnath, the Jamjir waterfall has become active.

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Rainy Mehr has been frozen in Gujarat and the natural beauty has also blossomed in this rainy Mehr.  Which is currently attracting tourists to itself.  The waterfalls blooming especially in monsoons are proving to be attractive for tourists.  Jamjir waterfall in Gir is very famous.  

Which has blossomed due to good rains. So a large number of tourists are also reaching here to enjoy the natural scenery.  

Due to heavy rains in Gir Somnath district, Jamjir falls on the border of Kodinar taluka and Girgarhda taluka has become active. Due to this a pleasant and picturesque view has been seen. So the number of tourists to see the falls has increased. At present this waterfall is a bit difficult to reach. Despite this, tourists are flocking to see the falls.

The roaring waterfall is attracting people towards it and a large number of people come here to see the waterfall with their families. They are coming to capture the natural scene with their cameras.

Friends, you can visit this monsoon season and you will get such a view in many places in Gujarat. We will keep updating you with information about different and different places. You can join our WhatsApp group to see our daily updates. Whatsapp group link of the website. The above link is given.

Friends please share more and through this message this Gujarat Gir Somnath Nayan search is different fun in this season more and more people can watch this scene.

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