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Friday 22 July 2022

Just a Normal Bike Math: 0.5 х 2 = 1 Wheel

 Hello friends how are you today a very viral and hyped for you on social media that Ajibo Garib Cycle has arrived.

Here is the video of it given below you have already seen and friends you will not feel any jump in this cycle and this cycle is different and strange.

આપણ વાંચો 🔡 અંગ્રેજી ન સમજાતું હોય ને જરૂરિયાત ઉભી થાય તો સરળ ગુજરાતી કરી આપશે

A strange bicycle, a bicycle with one whole and two half wheels, you have not seen such a bicycle anywhere and today I have come with this information and its video.

  You would have never thought that there is a cycle with one whole and two half wheels in the cycle.

  The video of this is a must watch, given below.

You have already seen this video here in full HD and its link is also given below and how did you like this video and if you also think of making such a cycle then comment us here in this post and also tell us how you like this cycle.

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bet you have never seen anything like this and yes, it's fully working bicycle you can ride every day 😂 This is how regular math looks: 0.5+0.5=1 so, in bikematics it sould works as well.

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