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Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Puzzle answer 1

Hello friends how are you today I have brought you a fun puzzle you will remember your childhood days for more information check this post of ours?

 Hello students friends how are you today I have brought a fun puzzle for you here is the information is given below and you will have fun let us know who is clever and who knows the answer can also comment on us and come if you have any new puzzles or puzzles If so comment us.

 It is a very simple but logical puzzle, you will have fun and it will be a little difficult, but you will not see it anywhere, it will be a game along with learning.

If three cats can catch three rabbits in three minutes, how long will it take a hundred cats to catch a rabbit?

 right answer is 50000

Also given below in Gujarati to read in Gujarati

Share this with your friends and see if they are some wise ones. Your good friends will be very good and if you are going to school send this message to such wise friends and see if they can respond or not.

Friends answer here below you can read in Gujarati and tell us how you feel about it if you want to know the answer of this bazaar so today you will also answer these questions it will take three minutes to catch a rabbit a cat will take three minutes If one catches a rabbit, all the cats can catch it in three minutes.

also read વજન ઘટાડવાથી લઈ ઇમ્યુનિટી વધારવા સુધી જાણો મગ ના અઢળક ફાયદા.

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Send this message to your friends and let us know what response they got by commenting. If we learn something with humor, share it more and more and make it viral.

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