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Friday, 29 July 2022

Staying away from Social Media for a week will make your brain healthier, claims a British study

Staying away from Social Media for a week will make your brain healthier, claims a British study

Social Media Impact on Mental Health: In today's world people are facing mental health problems as well as physical problems. Millions of people around the world suffer from depression, anxiety and mood swings. This problem has worsened in the last few years or rather since the Internet has grown in our lives, mental health (Social Media Triggers Anxiety) has become a major problem.

A recent study has been conducted at the University of Bath in the UK. Dr. Jeff Lambert, who led the study, said that the interference of social media in life has increased and this is a major cause of our depression and anxiety. In such a situation, taking leave even for a week can be of great benefit to mental health.

A digital detox is needed

According to studies, people spend hours every week on social media. They enjoy scrolling through the phone, but the negative effect is that they get frustrated. A total of 154 people, aged between 18 and 72 years, were included in the study.

One of these groups was kept away from social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok for a week, while the other group used them for 8 hours a week. When they were asked for feedback a week later, those who stayed away from social media appeared more optimistic and healthy.

Decreased depression and anxiety

As the Daily Mail reports, the study asked these people questions about optimism and small joys. Those who abstained from social media were found to be 46-55.93 on the Generalized Anxiety Disorder scale. At the same time, his depression also dropped from 7.46 to 4.84, while anxiety went from 6.92 to 5.94. Most people reported positive results from this experiment. The study found that social media has a negative impact on depression, anxiety and mental health. In such a situation, taking a break of one week as advised by the doctor can be very beneficial.

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