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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

15 August Photo Editor 2022. Create your independence day photo with this app.

15 August Photo Editor 2022 - Independence Day Photo Frame 2022

15 August Photo Editor is a nice app that lets you customize your photos. Independence Day Photo Frame saves your special moments on 15 August. In this application, we have added Independence Day frames for your inspiration.

Friends, here you will find information about various applications, because August 15th is coming, today we have brought you the August 15th photo editor application.

15th August special come and today I bring you 15 August Photo Editor app and its information is given below along with Vande Mataram MP3 and Images, Zhanda Song MP3 and Images, National Anthem MP3 and Images, Desh Bhakti Song PDF File And today we have brought the video of how to tie the national anthem, especially for you

આપણ વાંચો 📲 મોબાઈલના વધુ ઉપયોગથી બિનજરૂરી ફાઈલોની ઢગલો થઈ જતો હોય છે, જેના લીધે મોબાઈલ સ્લો ચાલવાની સમસ્યા આવે છે

🇮🇳 Ye Desh Hamara Hai Jaan Se Pyara Song

🤳 Join Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan: Get the Certificate from the below link also given below

Click here

To watch Har Ghar Tiranga song different songs and its information in this post you will find and share and you are also given the information of the application here and the link is also given below to install it in your phone.

આપણ વાંચો 🌀ગેસની સમસ્યાથી છો પરેશાન? આ 4 વસ્તુઓનું કરો સેવન, તરત મળશે રાહત

Try our best Independence Day Photo Frame 2022 which is called 15 August Photo Editor also for free and decorate your images with the most beautiful 15 August photo frame. Now you can express your feelings for the nation (INDIA).

Let us celebrate & enjoy the freedom to live independently in our country cheerfully, helpfully, and peacefully by remembering our National Heroes who gave us Freedom after suffering pain & sacrificing their lives.

Patriotic Song Vande Mataram Janganaman National Anthem is given below you can see if it is useful you can edit your photos 15th August photos you can help Awa application the link of the application is given below you install it in your phone and you can make good 

Happy Independence Day to all Indians. Proud to be an Indian. Jai Hind...

15 August Photo Editor 2022. Create your independence day photo with this app

Click here to Download


click here to Download


click here to Download


click here to Download


click here to download


click here to Download


click here to Download

રાષ્ટ્રગીત કઈ રીતે બાંધવો વીડિયો જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો 


દેશભક્તિ ગીત PDF

 ફાઈલ વંદે માતરમ,ઝંડાગીત,રાષ્ટ્રગીત

PDF ફાઈલ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Let me give you a picture of the journey of the current tricolor from the year 1960 to 1947 i.e. Independence. But you can see its link below.

હર ઘર ત્રિરંગા’ અભિયાન - ભારતની આન-બાન-શાન એવા વર્તમાન ‘ત્રિરંગા’ની વર્ષ ૧૯૦૭ થી ૧૯૪૭ એટલે કે આઝાદી સુધીની સફરની એક સચિત્ર ઝલક 

Features Of 15 August (Independence Day) Photo Frame :

✿ Easy and user-friendly app interface.
✿ 24 Latest collection of high-quality Independence Day Photo Frame 2022.
✿ Add Text, Format, Color, Font, and Shadow feature to edit background photos.
✿ Save a photo and you can use these photos as your profile picture on any social account.

also read સવારની આ એક સામાન્ય ભૂલ જ તમારા માટે બને છે એસિડિટીનું કારણ, નહીં સુધારો તો આગળ જઈને બનશે મોટી મુશ્કેલી

15th August Lucky News Breaking News All News information here will be updated in the website stay connected to our website to see new information and daily breaking news.

Download this app today and create an HD Quality Independence Day (15 August) Photo on this special day and celebrate this 15 August.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Raksha Bandhan Photo Frame

Hello friends how are you today to wish you Raksha Bandhan make this card online with the photo of your brother and sister you can make it here with the help of this app and its information is also given below the complete information of this application is given here in this post.

Decorate your favorite photos & special moments through Raksha Bandhan Photo Frames 2022. 

Also read🪀વોટસએપ ફેસબુક અને insta મા શેર 🤳કરવા માટે વિડિયો બનાવવાની ટોપ  ટ્રેન્ડિંગ એપ

Rakshabandhan is coming friends today to wish you Rakshabandhan we have brought information about how you can make a card with photos of brothers and sisters online. You can create and keep this photo in your WhatsApp story Instagram Facebook story.

Raksha Bandhan Photo Frame is a Collection of Raksha Bandhan Photo frames apps with the best pic editor tool to keep your memorable pictures in frames. Raksha Bandhan app provides tons of frames for all your moments unforgettable.

 Photo Frame Feature::

1. Lots of Variety of Rakhi frames with some amazing custom designs.
2. Select photos from the Gallery album. Select Best Rakhi Frame that is suitable for your photos.
3. Single tap to Adjust Photos, pic size, rotate, zoom, etc.
4. Give the photo to stunning effect by applying a beautiful photo Color filter.
5. Add text to your photo, and decorate the Raksha Bandhan Frame with some amazing stickers.
6. Easy to delete, add, rotate, zoom in, zoom out and flip to any text and stickers.
7. Save your final creation to App Gallery or your SD card.

Rate this app and give your comment about this Raksha Bandhan Photo Frame Editor app.
Find and problem or anything then just mails us your query. Enhance your photos in the best possible way by using this Raksha Bandhan Photo Frame that will help you become a professional very easily and very quickly.

Share this Raksha Bandhan Photo Frame Editor app with your all friends and family member.

♥ Raksha Bandhan Photo Frames app has high-quality photo frames where you can place your photos and give them special effects.
♥ See yourself in Beautiful Raksha Bandhan Photo Frames.
♥ Make your Moment Memorable with Raksha Bandhan Photo Frames.
♥ Raksha Bandhan Photo Frames has many Raksha Bandhan Background to Edit your Photo and make awesome. 
♥ Take a Selfie or a Photo with your Loved one & get a Beautiful Raksha Bandhan Dual Photo Frame

The application information is given below and how you can easily install it in your phone a link is provided here in this post in that article you can also install it in your phone this app is powerful and working app.

Friends edit funny and cute photos using this app and wish Rakshabandhan.

Raksha Bandhan Dual Photo  Frame App Functions :

1. applications can use the camera to take a photo of it. Or choose a picture from the Gallery's time.
2. choose the frame itself. The move left or right.
3. Can find the angle by moving to the left or right on the bottom.
4. Add text and stickers to rotate, scale, and remove functions.
5. Can Save the image in the gallery image.
6. To share pictures through our Social networks.

Celebrate Happy Raksha Bandhan Photo Editor with these amazing frames.

Raksha Bandhan photo editor from professional photographer to make Raksha Bandhan photo editor to decorate your photo with amazing messages will be awesome

Wishing you a very "HAPPY Raksha Bandhan PHOTO Editor"
  • Make impressive looking "Raksha Bandhan photo editor" by adjusting your images in "Raksha Bandhan Photo Editor"
  • Make your Raksha Bandhan frame more beautiful and creative with this "Raksha Bandhan Photo Editor".
  • Select a beautiful "Raksha Bandhan photo editor" for your photos,
  • create a beautiful Raksha Bandhan Photo Frame and share it on Social Media.

Raksha Bandhan Photo Editor is the best Collection of photo Editors with the best pic Editor tool to keep your memorable pictures in Editors. Raksha Bandhan Festival app provided tons of Editors for all your moments unforgettable

To get such information stay connected in our WhatsApp group and to join our telegram channel also give link of WhatsApp group and telegram channel given you can see daily new information and new news breaking all information is done for this website to get daily update our Stay connected in the website

Various applications and this website you will find a collection of applications Various applications and even work applications that you will not find on the website such as government applications and some entertainment applications to pass the time you will also find from this website you can see

Friends by using this Raksha Bandhan photo editor 2022 you can enhance the photo in the best possible way which will help you to create a website very easily very fast let you choose the best Raksha Bandhan photo edit then add your photo from the gallery Raksha Bandhan photo editor is an android application

 Create an impressive-looking Rakshabandhan photo editor by adjusting your images in one Rakshabandhan photo editor is a great fun app Once you select the Rakshabandhan editor and that's why you want to change it for Rakshabandhan edit then there are options available to edit your picture.

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PNB Recruitment for 103 Manager & Officer Posts 2022

PNB Manager Recruitment 2022: Punjab National Bank (PNB) has released the notification for the posts of Manager and Officer. According to the notification, PNB will recruit a total of 103 posts. The notification for this recruitment was issued on 4 August 2022. Interested and eligible candidates can apply online for PNB Manager and Officer Recruitment 2022 till 30.08.2022 through its official website

Punjab National Bank (PNB) Recruitment for 103 Manager & Officer Posts 2022

Total Posts: 103

Posts Name:
• Officer (Fire-safety): 23 Posts
• Manager (Security): 80 Posts

Educational Qualification, How to Apply & Other Details: Please Read Official Notification.

NotificationClick Here

More Details: Click Here

Important Dates

Online Application Start Date : 04.08.2022

Last Date to Apply Online: 30.08.2022

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Be careful if you are sleeping on your stomach, there is a possibility of many diseases including wrinkles on the face, pain in the muscles.

Health Tips: 

Everyone's sleeping pattern is different. But do you know, the way we sleep has a direct impact on our health. Many people prefer to sleep on their backs, many people prefer to sleep on their stomachs, then many people prefer to sleep on their sides. 

All these ways of sleeping influence the posture of the body. If we sleep on our stomach, we can breathe comfortably. But the habit of sleeping like this can get you into trouble at times. According to Ayurvedacharya Dr. Siddharth Singh, one should not sleep like this at all in case of certain conditions like pregnancy or abdominal surgery.

Also read આર્મી ભરતી મેળો અમદાવાદ અગ્નિવીર તારીખ જાહેર 

This effect is caused by sleeping on the
stomach Dr. Siddharth says that sleeping on the stomach puts pressure on the back and spine, it becomes difficult to keep the spine in one position when you sleep. The increased stress and pressure on the spine has an effect on other parts of the body as well. The spine is the pipeline for the body's veins, so problems with the spine can affect many parts of the body.

Pain Problems
People who sleep on their stomachs have problems with pain, tingling and numbness in different parts of the body, sometimes it feels like the body parts are not working. The habit of sleeping on the stomach can also affect the head and spine. Often people who sleep this way may have problems with sore throat and tingling.

Be careful
in pregnancy, It is very important to be careful about sleep and the right way of sleeping during pregnancy. If women have any sleep problems during pregnancy, it can have a direct impact on the baby. If the baby bump starts to appear, it is advised not to sleep on the stomach. Getting enough sleep is also important during pregnancy.

Change your sleeping pattern for better health
Not only is sleeping on your stomach harmful, but it can also be beneficial in some cases, such as those with sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea. Apart from this, sleeping on the stomach is considered beneficial if you have trouble breathing while sleeping.

What is sleep apnea?
People who have difficulty breathing is also a disease, in which breathing stops during sleep. This problem can last from a few seconds to 1 minute. People with sleep apnea often snore, but not everyone who snores suffers from sleep apnea. In this disease, air cannot flow due to obstruction in the upper part of the trachea. If there is a problem in breathing for a long time, the amount of oxygen in the blood decreases.

Also read ડાયાબિટીસના દર્દીઓ માટે વરદાન સમાન છે આ ઘરેલું દાળ, જાણો તેનાથી થતા અન્ય ચમત્કારી ફાયદાઓ વિષે…

Get rid of sleep apnea in this way

Reduce obesity To
relieve or reduce the disease of sleep apnea, it is very important to keep the body healthy. If you are overweight, your chances of sleep apnea increase.

Overweight and obesity cause the problem of narrowing of the throat. Sleep apnea patients should use a mouthpiece while sleeping. Mouth and tongue therapy strengthens muscles. This therapy is effective in treating sleep apnea.

ગુજરાતી માં માહિતી વાંચો 

Digestion is affected
People who sleep on their stomachs every day have an effect on their digestion system. People who lie down on the ground immediately on their stomachs may suffer from indigestion, constipation and gas.

Muscle aches Sleeping on stomach every day causes muscle aches . Sleeping on the stomach causes pressure and pain around the stomach.

Wrinkles are seen on the face Sleeping on the stomach pushes the face downwards and wrinkles are seen on the face . If you also find wrinkles on your face even at a young age, then you should stop sleeping on your stomach.
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Download Best Gujarati Voice Typing Application

 Gujarati Voice To Text Offline Converter

Hello friends how are you today I have brought a voice typing app for you? Among various apps, this is some top-level app you can see its link is also given in this post you can easily do it on your phone.

Friends, what you say will be written with the help of this app and if you have trouble writing Gujarati in WhatsApp, then this is the best app. Using this app, you can also type in Gujarati in WhatsApp. Copy and send it to the person in front of you immediately. If you speak Gujarati, that means English too. Will provide the latest you can download and the link is also given below.

No more wasting time in Gujarati typing, what you say will be automatically typed, this awesome Gujarati voice typing app will be very helpful for you. Below is also its features, you can see.

 Here below is the list of top ten typing applications, here is also given its link below, you can also direct Ishwar, this voice typing application is included in the top ten.

Friends, if you are not using it, install the application today and use this app. It is a great application. Whatever you say will be written directly.

The best and easy app for voice-to-text converters. 

Now use the easiest method of typing. 

Gujarati Voice To Text Offline Converter

Features of speech to text:

- Simple and easy interface of voice translator
- Copy and paste text from any social media app through the audio converter
- Your voice text you can save here. The app will maintain a separate list. That you can edit as well.
- Speech recognizer does not time out
- The font size of voice to text translator is easy to reading
- Easily share in audio to text translator
- Here you will get a full view of voice typing text

Government applications for entertainment applications for student friends also application for study material not application are updated in various such application websites.

Some friends who will be your friends and some will be like me but some friends don't enjoy typing, especially today what you will say will be direct typing and even if you want to do it in English, this is a great application. Use and let us know by commenting if you are using.

Reminder(Notes) Setup
No pressure, feel relay. Gujarati Notes app will remind you of everything !! Now there’s no need to remember all those things that you have to do because To Do Reminder will do that for you!

GUJARATI VOICE TYPING એપ અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

TOP વોઇસ typing app

In this way, you will get various applications from this website, work and government applications are also available or not, you will get daily new updates and breaking news updates.

For this app you can search as Gujarati Voice Typing in All Language, Speech to Text Gujarati, 

Gujarati Smart Voice Typing, 

Gujarati Speech Note, 

Gujarati Talk to Text, 

Gujarati Write SMS By Voice, 

Gujarati Search by Voice, 

Gujarati Speak to Easy Write, 

Gujarati Voice Text Messages, 

Voice Translator in All Language.

Gujarati voice typing keyboards have multiple Key Features :

Text-to-Speech Voice Typing keyboard
Text-to-Speech Voice Typing in Gujarati – Reply to your messages instantly using an application for recording in Gujarati. It converts your voice into text with built-in speech recognition technology.

You will not get such information from any website but today we have brought this information specially for you on our website. For that you can use the information and top ten application that is specially for you. Here in the post you have also given the link to install it. You can see and you call and use and then tell us by commenting. And the app was helpful

 Share it to your friends, send it to your other whatsapp group too, this is useful and necessary and your friends like me, it is a very necessary application today, which will also help you.

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Monday, 8 August 2022

GSRTC Recruitment 2022

 GSRTC Recruitment 2022

GSRTC Mehsana has published advertisements in newspapers for an Apprentice posts in various ITI trades. Interested candidates have to apply offline from 06th August 2022 to 18th August 2022. Details of educational qualification, age limit, how to apply, and selection process for this recruitment are given below.

Also read આર્મી ભરતી મેળો અમદાવાદ અગ્નિવીર તારીખ જાહેર 

Detailed information of GSRTC Recruitment

Through Public GSRTC Mehsana of Recruitment

Post Name: Apprentice

Application Process: Offline

Job Location: Mehsana

Last Date: 20/08/2022

Official Website:

Name of the post

Mechanic Diesel

Mechanic Motor Vehicle


Sheet metal work


Advanced Diesel ITI Pass


Educational Qualification

Candidates must have passed 10th, 12th and ITI to apply.

Salary scale

See Notification

Place of employment

GSRTC Mehsana

Application type


Important dates

Offline Application Starting Date: 06th August 2022

Last Date to Apply: 20th August 2022

How to Apply

Interested and Eligible Candidates first register yourself on www website, after complete registration candidates send there all documents like Education Qualification, Leaving Certificate, Aadhaar Card, Marksheet and Caste Certificate. Attach this document to the offline application form. Submit application before 20/08. /2022 at the address given in the advertisement.

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Ahmedabad Agniveer Army Bharti 2022

 Ahmedabad Agniveer Army Bharti 2022

Posts Name: Agniveer General Duty, Agniveer Technical, Agniveer Clerk/ Store Keeper Technical, Agniveer
Tradesman 10th pass and Agniveer Tradesman 8th pass

Educational Qualification, Age Limit, How to Apply & Other Details: Please Read Official Advertisement.

Indian Army Agniveer Agnipath Scheme Age Limit 2022

  • Minimum Age: 17.5 Years.
  • Maximum Age: 23 Years.
  • Age relaxation extra as per Government Rules.

Important Dates:

• Starting Date for Submission of Online Application: 05-08-2022
• Last Date for Submission of Online Application: 03-09-2022
• Recruitment Rally: 15 Oct 2022 to 08 Nov 2022

Advertisement: Click Here

Apply Online: Click Here

Official Websitejoinindianarmy.

Indian Army Agniveer Agnipath Scheme Eligibility 2022

  • Candidates can check eligibility for various posts like Indian Army Agniveer General Duty Agniveer Tech Agniveer Clerk Agniveer Store Keeper Agniveer Technical Agniveer Tradesmen Bharti Rally Recruitment Online Application Form 2022.

Indian Army Agniveer Height for Male and Female

  • Male – 165 cm.
  • Female – 157 cm.

For more information kindly visit official website.

Indian Army Agniveer Running for Male and Female

  • Male – 1600 Meters.
  • Female – 800 Meters.

Indian Army Agniveer Long Jump for Male and Female

  • Male – 12 Feet 6 Inch.
  • Female – 9 Feet.

Indian Army Agniveer High Jump for Male and Female

  • Male – 3 Feet 6 Inch.
  • Female – 3 Feet.

Indian Army Agniveer Chest for Male

  • Male – 77cm to 82cm.
  • Female – NA.

Documents list required for Indian Army Agniveer Bharti Rally Recruitment 2022

It is mandatory to remember that in order to complete the Indian Army Agniveer Application Form 2022, all the candidates must submit some documents at the time of the application process. The list of documents is given below-
  1. 10th/12th Exam Marksheet.
  2. Domicile Certificate.
  3. Transfer Certificate.
  4. Relationship Certificate.
  5. NCC Certificate.
  6. Sports Certificate.
  7. Category Certificate.
  8. Character Certificate.
  9. Passport Size Photograph.
  10. Aadhar Card.

How To Apply For Indian Army Agniveer Recruitment 2022 Apply Online

  • First of all candidates need to visit the official website of Indian Department of Indian Army @ will see link of Indian Army Agniveers Agnipath Recruitment Yojana 2022 Application Form you need to just click on it.Then you need to fill your basic details like name, father name, mother name, date of birth, address, educational details and upload passport size photo and signature.After fill you details then you need to pay exam fee.Finally submit your application form and print your application form for further use.
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