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Friday, 12 August 2022

3rd Biggest break-up in 26 years: Five years 'quiet' Nitish Kumar left BJP for these 5 reasons

3rd Biggest break-up in 26 years: Five years 'quiet' Nitish Kumar left BJP for these 5 reasons

Bihar Political Crisis: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar resigns (Nitish Kumar Resigns As Bihar CM) Politics has heated up and BJP has got a big blow.

It is said in politics that one is not always one's enemy or one's friend, Nitish Kumar has proved this time and again. There is no party in Bihar that Nitish Kumar has not run the government with, and again all parties are ready to back down in the government with Nitish as the CM. On the one hand, Nitish Kumar has given a jolt to the Bharatiya Janata Party, which has become excited by playing games in Maharashtra, this is not the first time when Nitish has betrayed the BJP, this has already happened before. 

First alliance with BJP then government with RJD-Congress and then again alliance with BJP...this is the political journey of Nitish Kumar and now a new camp has been added in which he is going to break the tie with BJP and again form government with RJD-Congress. Nitish Kumar has been at loggerheads with the BJP ever since it formed the government in 2020, and the alliance has broken up after repeated statements, political analysts believe that Nitish Kumar was afraid to end the alliance to avoid becoming like the Thackeray family. This is the third time in the last 26 years that Nitish Kumar has broken the grand alliance, first in 2013 with the BJP and then in 2017. Again back now in 2022 NDA (BJP alliance) has broken. 

1. Become like Uddhav Thackeray! 

JDU leader RCP Singh was inducted by the BJP into the Modi cabinet, a decision many leaders said was taken without Nitish's approval. RCP Singh was preparing to do something big in Bihar by staying close to BJP. As soon as Nitish Kumar came to know about this, he got an investigation and filed a case against RCP Singh, RCP Singh had to resign. 

Initially, BJP itself gave the Chief Minister's chair to Nitish Kumar despite having more seats, but as Nitish Kumar was moving closer to RJD, BJP started attacking him. Not only this, RCP Singh was also well respected at the centre. RCP Singh was constantly in touch with BJP and JDU MLAs, the fear of Bihar being similar to Eknath Shinde's success in forming the government in Maharashtra may have crept into Nitish Kumar's mind, after which Lalu Yadav, against whom many allegations of corruption have been leveled. Decided to form the government again with the family.

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