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Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Can Yogurt Be Eaten In Monsoon Or Not!, What Is Myth And What Ayurveda Says

Ayurvedic Lifestyle: 

Hello friends, how are you, now monsoon is going on, so today I have brought information about monsoon, you did not see the information about whether you can eat in monsoon or not, in this post, you will know in this post, this is health information and it is good, share it to more people and it happens in monsoon. Comment us whether or not you can eat curd in monsoon or not, what is the belief and what do you think of Ayurveda?

આપણ વાંચો 📑 આયુષ્યમાન ભારત યોજના- PMJAY સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી

All people have to be careful in eating and drinking during the monsoon season. On the other hand, the people of the house are also saying that certain things should be avoided when the season is changing.

 On the other hand, there is a tradition in India that different diets are taken for different seasons. Due to the weather in monsoons, curd is not allowed.

આયુર્વેદિક લાઇફસ્ટાઇલ:ચોમાસામાં દહીં ખાઈ શકાય છે કે નહીં !, શું છે માન્યતા અને શું કહે છે આયુર્વેદ

It is generally said that one should not eat curd in monsoons, eating curd has bad effects on health. Dr. Medica Hospital Chief Dietitian of Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, about how true the belief of not eating curd in monsoon is. 

Vijayashree Prasad says that curd is cold, humidity is high in monsoons, eating curd in rains causes phlegm. So, traditionally, curd should be avoided.

🍚 ચોમાસામાં દહીં ખાઈ શકાય છે કે નહીં ?

 શું છે માન્યતા અને શું કહે છે આયુર્વેદ ?

Eating curd should be avoided in monsoon.

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Curd should be eaten according to the season
but scientifically curd can be consumed in any season. However, its quantity may vary according to the season. Or those who are allergic to colds should avoid eating curd. Yogurt is generally rich in nutrients. It is a low-calorie food, rich in vitamins, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and protein.

:ચોમાસામાં દહીં ખાઈ શકાય છે કે નહીં !, શું છે માન્યતા અને શું કહે છે આયુર્વેદ વાંચો વિગતવાર

Yogurt contains good bacteria, i.e. probiotics, which strengthen our gut. Hence the digestive system also improves. Helps to reduce gas in the stomach, and prevent diarrhea. So, a cup of curd can definitely be eaten in lunch even during monsoon season.

Myth about
eating curd Another myth about eating curd is that you should not eat curd at night. Medical science also confirms this. The reason behind this is that curd has high water content, so curd should be consumed in the morning instead of at night. You can also eat raita instead of curd.

Even in Ayurveda, eating curd during the rainy season is considered taboo. Ayurvedacharya says that it is not right to call it belief. Curd is eaten at the beginning of the monsoon. 

As some curd can be eaten in the rainy season, the curd is completely forbidden in the month of Bhadrava. Not only curd but also whey made from curd should not be consumed. Because eating curd during the rainy season increases bile. So it affects our health badly.

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