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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Rare yoga after 200 years on Raksha Bandhan day

Rakhi can be tied at 8.25 pm, not Thursday morning, all day auspicious time for shopping

This time there is confusion regarding the date and Nakshatra of Rakshabandhan, as Shravan Poonam will be on two days, i.e. 11th and 12th August. According to astrologers across the country, 

after completion of Bhadra Yoga, the yoga of Poonam and Shravan Nakshatra is happening on Thursday itself, so Rakhi should be tied on the night of August 11 itself. 

This is the reason that this time there will be only one Muhurta for Raksha Bandhan, which will be around 1 hour 20 minutes. The whole day will be auspicious for shopping due to the auspicious yogas formed by the rare position of the planets in this festival.

Puri's astrologer Dr. will celebrate in Raja Yoga . According to Ganesh Mishra, on Thursday, August 11, there will be Ayushyaman, Saubhagya and Dhwaga Yogas, along with Raja Yogas namely Shankha, Hansa and Satkirti. Jupiter-Saturn will be retrograde and will remain in their own signs.

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 Such a rare condition of constellations has not happened in the last 200 years. Celebrating the festival of Rakshabandhan in this Mahasanyoga will bring happiness, prosperity and health.

Auspicious coincidence of Tithi, Nakshatra and Vaar
on 11th August is becoming an auspicious Thursday coincidence with Poonam Tithi and Shravan Nakshatra. Astrological texts call this yoga an auspicious time for shopping, in which purchases of vehicles, property, jewellery, furniture, electronics and other materials will bring long-term benefits, as well as making any new beginnings auspicious. Starting a new job, making a big transaction or investment will be beneficial on this day. Being Shravan Nakshatra, the whole day will be very auspicious for vehicle purchase.

What astrologers say
Poonam Tithi on August 11 will start at around 9.35 am, which will last till around 7.16 am the next day. There on Thursday Bhadra will start from 10.38 in the morning and will end at 8.25 in the night, so according to the scholars of Ujjain, Haridwar, Puri and Tirupati along with Kashi Vidvat Parishad, Bhadra's abode may be in the sky or heaven, until the Bhadra period is completely completed, there Raksha Bandhan should not be tied till 11 August, Thursday night after 8.25 pm with the consensus of all the astrologers.

Rakshabandhan should not be tied on 11th August during day time
According to few people, on 11th August Bhadra will be in Abyss, due to which there will be no malefic effect on the earth, hence Rakshabandhan can be performed for the whole day,

 but according to Vidvat Parishad, this matter is not mentioned in any scriptures or Puranas. did not come There the sages have also said that it is inauspicious to burn Raksha Bandhan and Holika Dahan during Bhadra period, so one should not tie Raksha during the day without thinking about Bhadra's abode. There will be only 2 hours on Poonam Tithi morning on 12th and will be with unit. Rakshabandhan is also prohibited in this yoga.

Rakshabandhan in Pradosh period is auspicious
According to scholars, Pradosh period is considered to be the best in the scriptures regarding Rakshabandhan time, so about two and a half hours after sunset is very auspicious. On the day of Diwali, Lakshmi Pooja is performed during this period, along with Holika and Ravana Dahan are also prescribed during Pradosh period. It is mentioned in the astrological texts that the auspicious effect of work done at this time lasts for a long time.

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