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Thursday 4 August 2022

Space Science Gallery under construction at Science City

: Get an inside 3D view of the space world under construction in Ahmedabad; A wonderful gallery will be ready in eight months

You can experience what the surface of the Sun looks like up close, sitting in a spacecraft

Ahmedabad's Science City currently has two large galleries. Robotic Gallery and Aquatic Gallery. Now the third gallery is going to start soon. Astronomy and Space Science Gallery. 

Construction of Space Science Gallery is going on in front of Aquatic Gallery in Science City. This amazing gallery will be ready in next eight to ten months.

સાયન્સ સિટીમાં બની રહી છે સ્પેસ સાયન્સ ગેલરી:અમદાવાદમાં બની રહેલી અવકાશી દુનિયાનો અંદરનો 3D નજારો જુઓ; આઠ મહિનામાં તૈયાર થઈ જશે અદભુત ગેલરી

Ongoing construction in Science City

Ongoing construction in Science City

How will this gallery be?

As you stand near the Aquatic Gallery in ScienceCity, the Astronomy and Space Science Gallery will be right in front. Surrounding it will be square exhibition buildings and in the middle will be a cool planetarium in the shape of a globe. A model of the solar system will be built around it. It will be an hour or so on the ground floor itself. 

On the first floor is the door to the planetarium. Apart from this there will be four exhibit galleries. On the first floor you will find out how our space science was, is and will be in the future. When this gallery is built and if you go to see it, you will have to allocate three hours of time for the space science gallery only.

A feeling of moving in space, of flying

What will be in space? What does the sun look like up close? If you get to sit in a space craft? How would it feel if you walked on the surface of the moon? How does an astronaut feel when he goes into space? All these things seen, heard or read will be filled. A virtual world of space science will emerge. Here you can get the digital feel of the spacecraft. Pretend you are in a spaceship. 

You run it slowly. You are so high that you can see the sky below. The space craft is moving and you can also hear the sounds in space... You travel through space and suddenly you hear a loud noise coming from far away.

 A meteorite is approaching your spaceship and in a few moments it hits the glass of the spaceship and there is a sound like thunder, the spaceship shakes....the meteorite also breaks into pieces. When you experience this, you will realize how much risk spacewalkers take.

See the constellations, along with information about what tools are needed to go into space with the naked eye

and what tools will be in the future, will be placed in each gallery. First image of the moon, India's achievements in space can also be seen. Get a close look at the instruments used for space science. On the top floor of this gallery is the space observatory on the third floor which means you will be able to view the sky live through a giant telescope. Now you can feel the space on the soil of Gujarat, soon...

Photo and Video Courtesy : Science City and INI Design Studio-Ahmedabad

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