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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

The seeds of these fruits act like poison, even if not consumed by mistake, can cause serious illness

Fruits are certainly very beneficial for our health but the seeds of many fruits can prove to be harmful for us.

The seeds of these fruits act like poison
Do not eat even by mistake
Health can be seriously affected

Fruits are rich in nutrients. But it can cause harm if not consumed properly. Here we are going to tell you that if you accidentally swallow or eat the seeds of certain fruits, they can also act as poisons.

apple seeds
If you eat an apple every day, it can save you from going to the doctor due to illness. But its seeds are believed to act as poison. Cyanide is found in the seeds. Which can spoil stomach health.

Cherry seeds
People eat fruits like cherries with great enthusiasm. But its seeds can also play the role of poison. People often swallow its seeds by mistake and this mistake can cause stomach upset.

Boron seeds
Bor is considered to be beneficial for health in many ways. But if you accidentally swallow or eat its seeds, you may still face problems. Its seeds are also said to act as stomach poison.

Raspberry seeds
Raspberries are considered very beneficial for the stomach and skin. Its middle part is very large and hard, but sometimes people swallow it by mistake. This mistake made by you or the children can be very heavy.

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