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Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Weird viral news video

 Hello friends how are you today I have brought you a piece of amazing and amazing information your village is Theravada and there is a pilgrimage place near you that place is called Dada Garibnath which is located 8 km from Vithon village in Nakhtrana taluk.

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 In Bhadli village there is a cow which comes every evening and gives milk this one goes every evening it comes on time and people there also give it food and give milk directly this cow has brought its video Ajibo-garib has brought its video Here in this post you can see below

Dada Garibnath is the name of the place and I am telling you that this place is famous. This aarti of Dada Garibnath is heard in seven villages and you will not believe in these seven villages. You will not see even one mango left in these seven villages.

In these seven villages, you will not see a mango plant or even a mango anywhere. This is the belief of Dada Garibnath and there is no story of mango. You can get updated and new information for this website every day

This incident is recent and you can see this incident is recent and this is breaking news you have brought you this breaking news for this website.

 Friends, I want to see you at this place of occurrence. If you see your eyes, if you come from Bhuj, you will come to Devpar Yaksha temple. This is a real event you can see in person

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