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Saturday, 24 September 2022

Asha Worker Sisters Rs. 2500 and facilitator sisters Rs. 2000 salary hike: State government took a decisio

Asha Worker Sisters Rs. 2500 and facilitator sisters Rs. 2000 salary hike: State government took a decisio

Several agitations have broken out in Gandhinagar before the assembly elections in Gujarat. There is good news today for the Asha workers who were hoping that the agitation would end on Wednesday.

On 21 September 2022 (Wednesday), another movement of Asha worker women was concluded. The state government accepted the demand and Asha worker sisters ended the agitation. So today (Friday) the state government has announced the salary increase of Asha worker sisters and Asha facilitators. In which the salary of Asha workers will be increased by 2500 rupees, now they will be paid 8500 rupees. So if the salary of Asha Facilitator is increased by 2000, now he will be paid 6000 rupees. Apart from this, all the workers will also be given 2-2 pairs of clothes every year. Importantly, earlier Asha worker was paid Rs.6000. And 4000 Rs to Asha Facilitator. Salary was paid. They were paid per visit.

On September 21, Asha workers ended the agitation

On Wednesday, Jitu Vaghani made a big statement about Asha worker women and said that the work of 50 thousand Asha worker women in the state is commendable. The BJP government under the leadership of CM Bhupendra Patel has taken several decisions for the aspirants in the past, and is currently taking them. Minister Rishikesh Patel has also discussed with Asha worker sisters. Keeping in mind the interest of Asha worker sisters, the government has taken an important decision. In which the positive discussion is that the government has accepted the great demand of Asha worker women considering their work. So it has been decided to postpone the various activities.

What were the main demands?

(1) Asha worker and Asha Facilitator sisters should be made permanent employees by creating a regular class IV establishment.
(2) Asha workers and Asha facilitator sisters should be paid minimum wages as per the 7th Pay Commission by stopping exploitative practices like incentives.
(3) Asha worker Asha Facilitator sisters and thousands of women working in honorary wage, fixed salary, contract system outsourcing system should be given 180 days maternity leave with pay like other government women employees during the maternity period.
(4) Asha workers above 45 years of age as well as Asha facilitator sisters should also be included in the pension scheme. 
(5) Asha workers and Asha facilitator sisters should be promoted as FHW based on their performance, studies and experience.
(6) In case of institutional convenience a. P. L and B. P. Remuneration should be paid to all pregnant ANCs by removing the distinction of L.
(7) In the budget presented in the assembly session every year, salary increase for Asha workers and Asha facilitator sisters should be announced.
( 8 ) Sarees should be given as uniforms every year.
(9) Identity card should be issued by Gujarat State Government. Health insurance should also be provided.
(10) The working hours should be fixed.

As many as 12-13 demands of Forest Guard we have accepted: Jeetu Vaghani

It is important that according to the government the work of Forest Guard and Forester has been taken into consideration. Forest personnel working on holidays will be paid additional amount. Washing allowance, which was not available, will also be available now. The forest workers ended the agitation by paying attention to the state government's appeal saying that it is the government's responsibility to ensure that the people are not harmed by some decisions. Vaghani further said that we have accepted as many as 12-13 demands, including the Seventh Pay Commission. The state government has provided benefits which were not available earlier. It is the right of employees to get benefits. The people of Gujarat do not become political hands.

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