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Saturday, 3 September 2022

Fiber strengthens immunity and also reduces the risk of cancer, find out the benefits of fiber

Hello friends, how are you? Today I have brought information about Ayurveda for you. If there is a deficiency of fiber in the body, these six problems will occur. Know why you will get them.

Five benefits of including fiber in the diet Helps in weight loss Good for heart breathing Controls blood pressure and blood sugar Does not cause constipation Reduces the risk of cancer

Friends, these five benefits are very useful and should be adopted once needed

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ફાઈબરથી ઈમ્યુનિટી મજબૂત થાય છે અને કેન્સરનું જોખમ પણ ઘટે છે, જાણો ફાઈબરના ફાયદા

 If the body is deficient in fiber these six problems may occur Weight gain Pre-diabetic symptoms may appear Constipation may occur Risk of high blood pressure may increase Heart disease may occur Skin infection may also occur

Fiber will be rich from these seven items, fennel seeds, cumin seeds or flour flour, whole dal, hajira, roasted white sesame seeds.

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There are two types of fiber

There are two types of fiber, one soluble and the other insoluble

1. Soluble fiber is what we can easily digest, such as apples and guavas.

2. Insoluble fiber is what we crave but even then it remains in the form of fibers like sweet potatoes.

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આ એક વસ્તુ હાડકાંને મજબૂત બનાવીને રોગપ્રતિકારક શક્તિ વધારે છે, રોગો ભાગે છે દૂર

5 benefits of including fiber in the diet

We take both of these types of fiber through food. If you want to make your diet healthier, include fiber in it. Most fiber foods are rich in essential nutrients. Which are necessary for our health in many ways..

1. Helps in weight loss

Our body does not digest fiber, but it stays in our intestines longer. It keeps our stomach full for a long time and in the meanwhile, our body burns fewer calories. Which makes us not feel hungry or eat more than we need.

This is the reason why weight loss doctors and dietitians recommend eating green leafy vegetables and salads. You can include fiber-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet. It will help you lose weight.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ
સરગવાથી થતા ફાયદા વિશે જાણો


2. Beneficial for the heart

If the level of cholesterol in the body is high, it is dangerous for the heart. It can also cause many heart-related diseases. Cholesterol can be controlled by following a high-fiber diet. The study found that including high-fiber items in the diet would not only reduce the risk of heart-related diseases but also strengthen the heart.

3. Effective for blood pressure and sugar

Problem of high blood pressure is one of the most common health problems. This increases the risk of a heart attack. Foods rich in fiber can control blood pressure. Not only blood pressure but also blood sugar is under control.

4. Get rid of the problem of constipation

Incorporating more fiber in the diet also keeps the digestive system healthy. It eliminates problems like constipation. Dr. Fiber acts as a brush in our body, says Nidhi. Its role is to reduce all the toxins in the body.

નોંધ:- અમારો હેતુ આપને માત્ર સારી માહિતી આપવાનો છે, કોઇપણ ઉપચાર નિષ્ણાંત ની દેખરેખ અને આપની તાસીર મુજબ કરવો

5. Reduces the risk of cancer

The study found that including fiber in the diet reduced the risk of cholesterol and cancer. Most high-fiber fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, which reduce the risk of cancer by 30 to 40%.

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