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Monday 5 September 2022

Have you also forgotten the lock screen of your mobile, this easy trick to open

Tech News: If you have forgotten the smartphone password, do this process, the service center will not push you

Nowadays people keep passwords and patterns to protect their phones. People believe that if strangers have a phone, they use passwords and patterns to prevent any personal information from reaching people, but sometimes a situation arises when we forget the password and pattern of the smartphone.

 No need to worry if you also forget the phone password, pin, or pattern and can't unlock the phone. You will not need to visit any service center for this process.

Can be unlocked in different ways on different devices For Android devicesk;

  • Unlock the phone with a Google account
  • While setting up android smartphone we log in with the help of a google account. This account can be used to unlock the device if you forget the password or pattern.
  • Many times after entering the wrong password or pin, it will appear on the screen that you can try after some time and with this, the 'Forgot Pattern/Password' button will appear. After clicking on it, you will be asked to log in to the Google account, which is registered with the phone.
  • This process will unlock your phone and set a new password or pattern. Internet is required for this process.

You can also do a factory reset

if the phone is not unlocked with a Google account then you can also do a factory reset here
is the process

  • First, switch off the phone.
  • Press and hold the Power button along with the Volume Up or Down button for a while.
  • Now the phone will be in recovery mode and after selecting the factory reset option click on clean or erase data.
  • After waiting for about a minute when you turn on the phone it won't ask for any password or pattern and you will get an option to set up the phone from scratch.

Here is the process for iPhone users

If iPhone users forget their password then do this process

  • If you have forgotten your iPhone password, you need to switch off the phone first. You can switch off the phone with the power button.
  • Press the iPhone's power button after connecting to your MacBook or PC to put your phone in recovery mode. You will need to press the volume down button on the iPhone 7 series and the home button on older iPhones.
  • For this you must have iTunes installed on your PC or Mac, after which you will see the recovery mode screen of the device and you will be able to control it with iTunes software.
  • Clicking on restore option found in iTunes on PC or Mac will delete all iPhone data and password will also be deleted.
  • Now you can backup again by setting a new password.

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