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Wednesday 21 September 2022

Pay special attention to these 6 things when insuring an electric vehicle, including separately covering the battery

Tech News: 

The continuous encouragement given by the government for the adoption of electric vehicles and the awareness of eco-friendly vehicles among consumers has increased. 

The standard motor insurance policy was created many decades ago. At that time there was no knowledge about electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrid vehicles, on the other hand, since electric vehicles cost more than other vehicles, it is very important to get information about them before insuring them.

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Today we will tell you what to look out for while buying electrical vehicle insurance...
Can batteries be covered separately in the policy?

Is total loss of battery covered in flood or fire during charging policy? This part is important, as it is the most expensive part of an EV.

Does the policy cover liability for third-party damage and personal injury caused by the EV? Also find out if the policy has separate liability cover if a claim is filed against the owner of the EV due to the damage.

Is there zero depreciation coverage for all parts of the policy? Whether the part is made of plastic, metal, glass or fiber or any non-metal.

Does the policy cover wall mount charger and charging cable separately? As these parts are not attached to the vehicle, they need to be covered with a separate mention in the motor policy.

Does the policy cover any gadget other than the one fitted by the parent company?

85,911 electric vehicles were registered in August 2022, compared to 29,127 electric vehicles sold last year. While EV sales grew 11% month-on-month, sales tripled year on year.

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