Sign Of High Cholesterol in Eyes . Cholesterol is a common problem among most of the people these days due to irregular routine. High cholesterol is also the main reason for people getting heart attack at a young age, but whenever cholesterol starts increasing in the body, some such signals start coming in the body, from which we should be alert. When cholesterol increases in the body, its effect is visible on our eyes as well. Let us tell you that cholesterol is a wax-like fat found in our body, which is necessary for the formation of healthy cells, but there are also two types of cholesterol in the body. One Bad Cholesterol and the other Good Cholesterol, in which medically it is called LDL Cholesterol and HDL Cholesterol. When the level of LDL cholesterol starts increasing in the body, then many problems start increasing.

Effects of High Cholesterol on the Eyes

The heart is affected by high cholesterol, but first of all its effect is visible in the eyes as well. Small, yellowish fatty substances begin to accumulate in the skin around the eyes. White, brown and yellow deposits start forming around the cornea and the person's vision starts getting blurred. Yellow bumps start to accumulate around the eyes. That is why high cholesterol is called a silent disease.

Cases of high cholesterol are mostly asymptomatic.

According to doctors, most cases of high cholesterol are asymptomatic and are detected only when a person goes for regular check-ups. Due to the blockage in the body due to high cholesterol, the arteries start getting damaged. Artery blockage is seen in many patients in the legs and arms.

How to control your high cholesterol

If you also have the problem of high cholesterol, then it can be controlled through healthy diet, exercise. Apart from this, at least 40 minutes of cardio exercise should be done daily. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin C and vitamins, which help in controlling cholesterol. Apart from this, protein diet should be taken according to your body weight and the intake of oily food items should be reduced.