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Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Cure found from opium! The world's first cough syrup was made in this way 127 years ago

Cure found from opium! The world's first cough syrup was made in this way 127 years ago

The world's first cough syrup was made by the German company Bayer 127 years ago using the drug aspirin. Know in detail

The whole fuss over cough syrup
When the news of the death of children in the Gambia came to light, a lot of discussion about cough syrup gained momentum. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also issued an alert regarding four cough syrups. According to WHO, this cough syrup does not meet the standards. Four companies have been put on alert and a flurry of investigations have been launched. The cough syrup controversy is not the only one that has come to light. There was also a long controversy over the world's first cough syrup.

The World's First Cough Syrup The
world's first cough syrup was made by the German company Bayer about 127 years ago, which was called Heroin. Aspirin drug was used to make this syrup. Before this drug was discovered, people used opium to treat cough but it was also proved to be harmful to the body. People used to get addicted to it and sometimes it proved to be fatal.

History of Cough Syrup
Opium was used in ancient Egypt to treat many ailments including cough. This is where Bayer Company came up with the idea of ​​making syrup. The company did research and found that when morphine is heated, diacetylmorphine is formed, which gives people relief from coughing and also sleeps better and feels calmer after drinking the syrup. In this way the company introduced the world's first syrup in the market.​​

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The surprising thing was that this syrup was not only good enough to cure people's coughs but also provided relief to people suffering from tuberculosis or bronchitis. Doctors also started giving this syrup to patients to wean them off opium habit. In the year 1899, a new controversy started about it. People said they were addicted to heroin. The opposition grew so much that finally in 1913, Bayer had to stop production of this cough syrup.

First cough-cough treatment in India
Our country already believes in the Vedas. That time was the era of Ayurveda in India. In which cough syrup is made by mixing various types of Ayurvedic herbs like natural herb ginger, black pepper and basil.was prepared. However, even during that time opium, heroin, morphine were used to treat cough in Europe, America and Egypt.

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